Watch “Four Kings” on UPN

This hilarious comedy stars Ben, Barry, and Jason as childhood friends who are now mismatched roommates in the big city. The show follows these friends as their lives are complicated by love, work, and everyday life in big city. It’s like “Friends” without the girls. And because it’s set in the big city, the humor is often off-kilter. You’ll laugh and cry along with the boys while watching this show.

The sitcom opens with the grandmother of four boys filming them in New York. They are told to stay together by her, but she doesn’t say “four funny Kings”, which is a common mistake in sitcoms about young men. Four Kings is about the bonding and coping abilities of the four men, not the premise. The film centers around Ben (Josh Cooke), who is a grounded guy despite being the golden boy.

Despite its quirky characters and the fact that it’s not exactly a sitcom, “Four Kings” has a lot of potential. The show’s pilot episode features four newly-single guys trying to attract girls at a nightclub, the bitchiest wit that fans of Will & Grace expect. David Kohan (the series’ creator) and Max Mutchnick (the sitcom’s creator) have been friends since their youth. If you are a fan, you will probably be content to put the remote down for the first seven episodes. However, you might stay for the Earl/Office block.

If UPN isn’t appealing to the audience, it’s time for “Four Kings.” If you missed it last year, it’s worth checking out. If you love Charlie Sheen and haven’t already, give this comedy a shot. It will be a great experience. It’s both funny and satirical. So get ready to laugh, and enjoy the show! This sitcom is a great choice if you are looking for a fast-paced, funny sitcom.

Watch “Four Kings” on UPN
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