8 Ways to Appear More Confident At Work 


There could be many reasons you lack confidence at work. It’s possible you are less experienced than the ones around you. You are new to the company and are unsure about your ability to succeed. You have the fear of losing the job.  Or you are simply being too hard on yourself. 

Whatever it is that’s undermining your confidence, the good news is you can manage your behavior, improve your relationship with others, boost your self-esteem and excel in your career. In other words, you can learn to become confident about yourself just like you feel confident when you buy a cable package from Cox cable or any other after thorough research.  

Let’s look at some effective ways to build confidence:  

1: Be More Assertive  

It’s unfortunate but true that people only take you seriously if your words+actions have conviction. In other words, the more assertive you are, the more confident you appear. This technique will help you advance your job as well as your career. But don’t forget there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. You don’t want to appear egotistical.  

2: Stay Focused On Yourself  

It’s important to stay on task and stay focused. The non-productive maneuvers, rumor mills, and politics, stuff like that are common. Ignore all of that and focus on your work. Confidence emerges from good work combined with a great attitude. 

3: Capitalize On Your Strengths 

A simple way of boosting confidence is to identify your strengths and find ways of integrating them into your everyday life. Experts say when you lead from your strength, you feel energized. It is kind of a self-assurance that you are doing great. 

Work on yourself and identify your strengths. Ask yourself how you can use them to do your job better. If your current role isn’t giving you enough opportunities for maximizing strengths, think about other roles that might. 

4: Believe In Yourself 

I know it’s easier said than done but if you give positive reassurance to yourself like I can do this, then you will! Give yourself 3 affirmations each night before going to bed. Tell yourself 3 things you like about yourself and 3 things that are grateful for and see how this changes everything.  

5: Monitor Your Success 

If you are already working on yourself, measure your progress by keeping track of your accomplishments. Ideally, create a to-do list. As you cross off tracks from your list, this will give you a sense of achievement. 

Keep a kudos file to record your success. Here, store your milestones, any kudos you have received from your peers, boss, or acquaintances. Create notes for yourself that encourage you to step out of your comfort zone. Keep a record of any and every praise you receive from inside as well as outside your organization. 

All this will serve as a personal apt on your back and it will certainly boost your confidence. 

6: Keep On Challenging Yourself

Another great trick of boosting confidence is to accomplish things that you didn’t think are possible. Search for assignments that allow you to step outside your comfort zone and take on projects that challenge you. 

Try something new, something you have always been afraid of. If you can’t do it outright, take baby steps. Start immersing yourself in this new project and activity and see how it goes. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Don’t compare your performance to someone else’s. 

7: Practice That Power Pose

Did you know there are several scientific benefits of a power pose and one of them is increased self-confidence?  

Make yourself stand in a powerful way and see how it impacts your confidence including the way it makes you feel about yourself. Pay attention to the message your body language is delivering. Don’t hesitate to strike a power pose in the workplace from time to time. If you are not sure where to start, do research on body language. 

8: Be Positive

Positivity doesn’t mean being happy all the time rather, it means being resilient. Rather than spending time discussing problems, focus on providing solutions. When challenges emerge, take an upbeat attitude and you will ignite positivity in others. This will project confidence and you should be able to overcome the problem at hand.  

Time has proven that hard work with consistency can beat talent. So, keep on doing the work to build confidence and you shall succeed.

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8 Ways to Appear More Confident At Work 

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