2 Ways To Make Your Dock Safer

Make Your Dock Safer

Whether you have a lake house you visit during the summer or live right on the water and get to experience its benefits 24/7, many people find solace, peace, and comfort around water. It’s fun for swimming, tubing, fishing, and making lasting memories, but being around water also brings a lot of responsibility for safety. While water is beautiful and usually peaceful, it can also be dangerous if someone falls in who can’t swim or gets caught in a riptide. Having an under-mount swim platform ladder is a great tool for your dock, but there are other ways to improve your dock’s safety, too. Here are two precautions every dock should adhere to for safety.

1. Install Lighting

Not having proper lighting on a dock can lead to serious problems. Someone should be able to see where they’re walking at all hours of the day because an unexpected fall into water can seriously injure someone. You can install lighting on the ground or up high if you have a covered ceiling over your dock. The type of lighting you use isn’t important, but ensuring people can see at night is.

2. Anchor Loose Items

When bad weather hits, any loose item can become a projectile. If you use your dock for storage, you may want to reconsider if the items aren’t tied down. In heavy windstorms, a cooler or boat tool could end up hitting someone or damaging your main residence. You could add a shed to your dock for tubes or fishing poles, or you could use a rope to anchor everything down. Having items stored away also gives people more space to walk on a dock and removes any items that could trip them up.

Spending time on the water is something many people incorporate into their lifestyles, and the safer you and your family are, the more fun everyone can experience while on the water.

2 Ways To Make Your Dock Safer

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