Weather in Meredith, New Hampshire

The average weather in Meredith, New Hampshire is quite pleasant. The city gets 46 inches of rain annually and has 205 sunny days. The driest month is February, with only 26% chance of rain. The city also experiences 68.4 inches of snow per year, with about six months having significant snowfall.

If you are looking to plan your vacation in Meredith, the weather report will include the current temperatures, humidity, barometric pressure, and dew point. You can also get a forecast for the coming days. The forecast will include the temperature and wind chill factors, as well as sunrise and sunset times.

The average temperature in Meredith is 69 degrees Fahrenheit, with only a few days below freezing. Meredith experiences some of New Hampshire’s lowest temperatures, despite the mild winters. Even though nighttime temperatures can drop to as low as 8 degrees, they can still be quite cold. Despite this, summers are pleasant with temperatures rarely falling below 40 degrees.

The average elevation in Meredith is 637 feet, with modest variations within a 10-mile radius. A moderate amount of wind is also common in the city, with approximately 5% of the days being muggy. Although wind speed and gusts are mostly determined by local factors the average wind speed may not be reliable.

January is the most cloudy month for Meredith, with 58% of the sky covered in clouds. The percentage of sky covered with clouds varies widely throughout the year. August is the clearest month in Meredith, with 61% of the sky clear. Throughout the rest of the year, the percentage of clouds is greater than 50%, and the chances of precipitation vary.

Weather in Meredith, New Hampshire
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