What Are the Basic DUI Services?

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You can get many different services when you are arrested for a DUI. These services can include the assessment and Ignition interlock device. You will also have the option of participating in an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting or a substance abuse course. However, depending on your circumstances, these services may not be required. If you have been arrested for DUI but don’t plan to attend a class, you may only need a DUI assessment.

Level II Classes

Essential DUI services in Lexington include Level II classes, which teach you the laws and consequences of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. These classes can take up to 12 weeks to complete. They focus on reducing the risk of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol and the social costs associated with their use. Depending on your specific needs, these classes may include individual or group counseling. Some agencies offer more intensive classes, including Level II Four Plus.

Level II classes are necessary for repeat offenders with a history of DUI offenses. These courses provide a review of the material covered in the Level I classes, as well as offer alternative behavior options. They also address the particular problems that are unique to repeat offenders.

Ignition Interlock Device

Ignition interlock devices are installed in a vehicle that measures the amount of alcohol in a person’s breath. If the driver exceeds the prescribed level of alcohol, the device will activate an alarm that will keep the vehicle from operating. The device requires periodic testing to ensure that the driver is alcohol-free. Failure to pass the “retest” twice within a reporting period will result in a violation.

The device intercepts the signal between the ignition and the car’s starter. To start the car, a driver must blow a valid breath sample into the device’s mouthpiece. This device will use flashlights and will not allow the driver to start the car again until the user has provided a valid sample.


Assessment of essential DUI services is a process that determines the severity of an intoxicated driving offense and whether a person is at risk of reoffending. It also helps determine the number of hours of treatment a person needs. This assessment also helps determine how long a person will take to complete treatment. During the assessment process, a person must provide their blood alcohol content (BAC) and a copy of their driving record.

After determining a person’s BAC, the counselor will also look at the police narrative, which describes the incident leading up to the arrest. The police narrative is essential to determine whether the individual was seriously impaired. In addition, the BAC, measured through a breath test, is a good indicator of how much alcohol the person consumes. The higher the BAC, the more likely the counselor will recommend treatment for the individual.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs

A set of core services is crucial to all intensive outpatient therapy (IoT) efforts and should be included in every client’s treatment package. Enhanced services are frequently added and supplied on-site or through functional and formal partnerships with community-based organizations or individual providers.

The line between core and extended services is relatively ambiguous. What is considered improved services for the overall treatment population may be deemed core services for a specific client group. For example, a program that predominantly serves working moms with young children may consider child care and transportation to be fundamental program features. These same services are unlikely to be required by most clients in an IoT program that serves essentially working single males without children.

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What Are the Basic DUI Services?

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