What Can You Do with a 3D Printer Scanner?

3D Printer Scanner

Did you know that it takes less than 2 hours for a 3D printer scanner to create ventilators?

People around the globe began using 3D printers to help create products that would protect people during the COVID pandemic.

Besides making health PPE devices, 3D printers can do many other things that could help.

Continue reading to discover all of the different things that a 3D printer scanner can develop to save you time and money!

Make Instruments

It takes quite a while to build a musical instrument that is properly tuned.

A 3D scanner can help minimize the work and time to create musical instruments. One of the most exciting things that a 3D printer can create is a perfectly tuned acoustic guitar.

The guitars are made out of plastics and metal. This is the perfect solution for the rockstars that smash their guitars at the end of the night and require a replica!

Another unique instrument that you can get from a 3D printer is a flute! Japanese flutes have been successfully printed with gold and bronze materials. They have intricate details and produce beautiful music.

Camera Lens

One of the most difficult things to create, which is why they are so expensive, is a camera lens.

The camera lens is very delicate and must be flawless to create a perfect image. By using a 3D printer scanner, you can create lenses that produce quality images.

The largest difference in printing your lenses is that instead of glass, it will utilize acrylic. Many people prefer the acrylic alternative because it is much more durable.

3D printers work great at creating the small pieces of the lens that are difficult to build. If you are a professional photographer, consider printing your lenses next time you have one break!

Bring Kid’s Drawings to Life

If you have kids, you will want to consider getting a 3D printer scanner.

These 3D printers can turn your child’s work of art into a physical object that they can play with. 3D printers can spark your child’s creativity and bring the family close together by playing with the toys and figurines.

Many high-tourist areas are utilizing 3D printers to create a unique experience for guests. If you can’t find a place that is printing, get your own printer and create endless toys!

Another reason to bring your kids’ artwork to life is that they can be saved as decorations and keepsakes.

Get a Visual of Your Unborn Child

A unique and interesting thing that you can do with a 3D laser scanner is to create a physical replica of your unborn child’s ultrasound picture.

Printing an ultrasound picture with your 3D scanner can be a cool experience for parents. They will be able to hold in their hands the same size baby that is still growing. This also comes in handy while doctors are looking for issues and abnormalities.

Many people call these 3D printings “Shape of an Angel” because they are so beautiful. This is the perfect gift for expecting parents and a great way to get closer to your child.

Models Used in the Medical Field

The medical field is constantly utilizing models of the body to display complex concepts to patients.

A 3D printer can easily create these replicas with immense details that will help medical students and staff learn. This is a great way for students to learn about human anatomy without having to look at pictures. They will be able to see the correct proportions and spots that nerves and joints are located at in the human body.

Another reason these models are so important is that they can act as replicas for people to practice surgeries on. This will give surgeons and doctors more chances to practice a procedure before having to do it on a living person.

Phone Accessories

If you are looking for reliable phone accessories that will keep your device safe, a 3D printer can help.

The einscan hx is a handheld scanner that can develop phone cases and cardholders. These are always in demand because products on the market are always breaking or damaged. The phone cases developed by 3D printers are durable and prevent screens from shattering.

If you don’t like carrying a wallet around, you can also 3D print a cardholder that is easily accessible. There are a variety of colors and designs that you can create to customize your accessories.

Fabric & Clothing

Fashion designers from all around the world are rejoicing with the discovery of 3D printers creating fabrics.

Printing fabrics for clothing and bedding saves a lot of time for the creator, which in turn, saves money. These 3D printers can quickly make scarves, shirts, and blankets that will keep you warm and cozy.

The best part about printing fabric is that the material is completely recyclable. It has a much smaller carbon footprint than compared to other options. This is a great way to print out new styles of clothing or even the basics that you can give to those in need.

Do You Need a 3D Printer Scanner?

There are many different things you can do with a 3D printer scanner that can help you.

Whether you are looking to create toys from your child’s drawing or learn how to do a heart transplant, 3D printers can help you out. There are endless possibilities of what you can do with these printers. They are already helping people learn and become more creative.

Don’t be afraid to invest in a 3D printer so that you can save money and time on detailed products.

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What Can You Do with a 3D Printer Scanner?

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