What Company Does Shaq Own?

Many people wonder: what company does Shaq own? Some might think the answer is big chicken. Others might think of Krispy Krispy Kreme. But are you really sure? Find out more below! Don’t forget to share your favorite Shaq brand with us! It might be the newest addition to your favorites list. Check out his website to learn more about the business ventures of this well-known athlete!

Marilyn Monroe Shaq

It’s not secret that Shaquille O’Neal, NBA star, owns a stake of the Sacramento Kings. The Sacramento Kings, founded in 1993, have grown to be one of the most recognized brands in the world. The Kings are currently valued at $1.8 million. As of December 2015, Shaq has signed a deal with brand development company Authentic Brands Group to help them continue Shaq’s legacy. Shaq will receive 51 per cent of any future deals made through Authentic Brands Group. This could translate into hundreds of millions of dollars in profit.

Most NBA players are happy to watch their favorite team play and sit on the sidelines, but Shaq is determined to find other ways to make money. He is a basketball analyst and also makes commercials when he can. However, not everyone realizes the amount of work it takes to become rich and famous. He is not the only one who owns companies. Majority is also his part-owner. Shaq was once the head advertising at Momentum Worldwide.

A real Hollywood legend, Shaquille O’Neal knows how to turn up a crowd and has even spun records at the Encore Beach Club in Las Vegas. Rudolph Valentino, Peter Lorre and Douglas Fairbanks all have their own graves. His fans are ecstatic with Shaquille’s business acumen. They are thrilled to be part a celebrity company that has Shaq at its helm.

Although Shaq has many brands in the fashion industry and is a well-known brand name, his personal brands are his most profitable. With over fifty different brands under his belt, he has a large portfolio of investments and endorsements that includes dozens of companies. The question is how he will keep up with all the deals. Shaq owns more than fifty companies, and he is hardly slowing down. So, what is it that makes Shaq’s empire so profitable?

Big Chicken

Shaquille O’Neal is the majority owner of a fast-casual restaurant chain. The franchiser, based in Los Angeles, has also partnered up with Noordin Malik and Frank Malik, two successful businessmen. Big Chicken is looking to grow its franchises and recently announced plans for expansion. It already has locations in New York, Seattle, Las Vegas and New York. The brand is also set to expand to cruise ships and the UBS Arena in New York.

The Malik family owns the company, which also includes Skylark Construction, Northwest Petroleum and Dew Real Estate Holdings. Big Chicken is Shaq’s second fast-casual restaurant. In addition to the new restaurants, he also owns several other franchises, including the Del Taco and Jamba. Perry Rogers is Shaq’s agent. The company’s recent hire of Josh Halpern was a major coup. He has extensive experience in multi-unit development management and has been responsible to build branded restaurants for major brands.

The NBA legend has invested in the restaurant business and is preparing to expand the chain into sports arenas. He already owns a Big Chicken franchise at the Climate Pledge arena in Seattle, which is home to the Seattle Kraken NHL expansion teams. He plans to open a location in New York City next month in the UBS arena, which houses the NHL New York Islanders. By 2023, the new franchise will have 50 locations across Texas.

The Big Chicken concept will be available at sea on three Carnival cruise ships in 2021. The restaurant will also be on board the Carnival ship Mardi Gras. The company charges between $450,000 and $1.4 million to open a location, depending on the number of locations and the size. Franchise fees include a $40,000 franchise fee and 5% of sales. Additionally, the company takes two percent of all sales and uses it for marketing.

The Big Chicken chain will have 50 locations in Texas before it expands to other markets. Big Chicken will also open franchise locations in Central Oklahoma, Chicago, Arizona, and the greater Los Angeles area. You will need to drive at least once to open a Big Chicken restaurant. You’ll find it hard to resist the delicious chicken wing experience at Big Chicken! You can’t go wrong with these fast-casual restaurants.

Authentic Brands Group

Shaquille O’Neal, NBA star, has decided to sell his future business ventures and go to the Authentic Brands Group. They are the largest brand management company in the world. The Authentic Brands Group will manage Shaquille’s worldwide merchandise and endorsements. The company’s management will continue to manage Shaq’s NBA career while focusing on endorsements and key categories, as well as products that express his personality.

Authentic Brands Group was founded in 1989 and is an apparel and lifestyle company. It partners with top licensees to build brand equity. The company’s portfolio includes three segments: Entertainment and Fashion. It is led by Jamie Salter, a seasoned investor with over 29 years of experience in the fashion and lifestyle industry. His diverse portfolio includes apparel, consumer goods, and entertainment.

Although the company isn’t a household name in America, it holds the intellectual property rights for 30 brands. Among these brands are Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, and Juicy Couture. O’Neal also owns a stake in ABG. He holds 89,723 Papa John’s shares and 87136 unvested restricted stocks units in the company.

Another deal that involves Shaq is the acquisition of Reebok’s athletic shoe line. The company acquired Reebok, the company that first brought Shaq-branded athletic shoes to the world. It’s unclear how much Shaq will be involved in the new venture, but it’s certain that he will use his public profile to help increase the value of the company. He is also co-founder of Majority ad agency, headed by a former CEO of Momentum Worldwide.

Shaq’s latest endorsement is for a brand of soda, namely Soda Shaq. The beverage was first launched in Las Vegas, where it spawned a franchise with multiple locations. Shaq’s Authentic Brands Group also owns the famous “Big Chicken” sandwich. There are many other locations planned by the company. Its logo combines classic Shaq and current toy truck themes.

Krispy Kreme

One of Atlanta’s most famous Krispy Kreme stores is owned by Shaquille O’Neal, a legend in the NBA. The NBA star promised the company that he would reopen the store. This location opened in spring 1965 and is one of the first outside of Nashville and Winston-Salem. The NBA legend is a big fan of the doughnuts and once donated 150 dozen to a church in need. He has a long history with Krispy Kreme and is expected to help bring the business back to Atlanta.

The NBA superstar is not just a fan of Krispy Kreme doughnuts, but has been a fan for decades. In fact, his Atlanta Krispy Kreme shop has been open for 60 years and is the official global sponsor of the brand. The brand plans to capitalize on O’Neal’s popularity by making him the face of the Krispy Kreme brand. However, there are several ways he’ll be able to do that.

Local reports claim that Shaquille O’Neal owns a Krispy Kreme shop in Atlanta. This store has been a landmark for the city for almost 60 years. The Atlanta location is a favorite of locals and was purchased by O’Neal in 2016. The Krispy Kreme store donated 150 dozen doughnuts to local churches in 1968, and it also made donations to a church in Nashville after the funeral of Martin Luther King Jr.

The Atlanta location was the first Krispy Kreme store to open outside of North Carolina. It was the only Krispy Kreme kosher location in the city, and it had a 24-hour drive-thru window. Shaq O’Neal purchased the Atlanta Krispy Kreme store and assumed the role of global spokesperson for the brand. This incident sparked a lot of discussion about Krispy Kreme’s future.

What Company Does Shaq Own?
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