What Does a Shore Excursion Manager Do?

Shore Excursion Manager

As a shore excursion manager, you may perform various duties. The Shore Excursions Manager is in charge of presenting, promoting, supervising, and arranging the shore excursions available in each port of call and onboard the ship. The role also includes writing to the bridge on expeditions and delivering tickets to onboard guests. These jobs aren’t the most glamorous, but they can be a great way to earn money.  Click this link https://www.visitcaymanislands.com/en-us/experiences/tours-adventures for a  fun and informative website for planning your trip or vacation to the Cayman Islands.

Summary of duties

Ashore excursion manager’s responsibilities are varied and include all aspects of managing a group shore excursion program, including financials. In addition to overseeing the program, they must ensure the efficiency of all employees and minimize expenses through cost control. The shore excursion manager is also responsible for the overall operation of the excursion team, including coaching staff, operating computer systems and workstations, and collaborating with the cruise director, hotel director, and other team members. In addition to this, they must also participate in a “Learn to Earn” training program at the destination.

The average workday for a shore excursion manager is eight to ten hours. Some shore excursions require employees to work extra hours for these tours. Shore excursion managers are often on their feet the entire time dealing with questions and issues from guests. Embarkation day is the busiest day on board.

Hours of work

Whether you’re interested in working on a cruise ship or a land tour, a career as a shore excursion manager may be perfect for you. You’ll promote shore excursions and ensure that all tours are run efficiently in this job. The hours of a shore excursion manager depend on the ship and itinerary, but you can expect to work eight to ten hours a day. You’ll likely work eight to six days a week, and you’ll get some paid time off for PR events and lectures. You may even leave the ship for short periods to monitor your excursion and avoid unexpected issues.

Depending on the ship, you might participate in other departments on embarkation day. In some cases, shore excursion staff are assigned “on duty” duties. This means they’ll welcome guests from previous cruises and escort them to their current one. The schedule of shore excursion staff may also change from one ship to another, so it’s essential to inquire about the hours of work for the position you’re interested in.

Commission structure

A Commission Structure for Shore Excursion Manager is an essential aspect of the job description. This position is responsible for the sales and marketing of shore excursions and ensures that guests receive efficient assistance and customer service during all tours. Candidates must have valid STCW certifications to enter this position. The Commission Structure for Shore Excursion Manager varies by company but should be comparatively similar to other positions in the same industry.

A Shore Excursion Manager’s commission is based on pre-paid shore excursions sold by passengers. As a general rule, commissions are based on pre-booked shore excursions.

Getting paid to go on shore excursions

Getting paid to go on shore excursions can be a lucrative career. These positions require you to wake up early and work with the passengers. You can also work on additional crew duties, such as leading a Behind The Scenes tour for guests or randomly interacting with passengers. You will usually earn a monthly salary, and most companies allow you to get a cash advance of up to 50% of your salary.

Some cruise lines will pay you a commission for booking shore excursions. The amount is dependent on the cruise line, but commissions can range from zero USD to $400 USD per cruise. Cruise lines usually base their commission structures on last year’s revenue. Therefore, a commission should not be counted on but as a pleasant surprise. Getting paid for shore excursions is a lucrative way to earn extra money while traveling.

Embarkation day

Embarkation day is a hectic day for a Shore excursion manager. This is when guests leave the ship and new one’s board, and staff members are on their feet dealing with guest questions, concerns, and concerns the entire time. As a result, it is one of the busiest days for a Shore excursion manager and ship. But, aside from being active, Embarkation day is also a fun day for the team!

Shore excursions employees answer passenger complaints and prepare documentation for the following trip on the day of sailing. They must also advise guests on trips. As a result, they’ll have to stay on board all day. When problems arise, they must be more available to guests than any other day. For example, when guests don’t book a tour on the first day, they must recommend a different tour to ensure their experience is positive.


As part of the entertainment department onboard a cruise ship, the Salary of a Shore Excursion Manager is a high-paying position. Responsible for organizing and guiding the operation of shore excursions, this position is one of the most stressful and demanding jobs on the ship. The duties of a Shore Excursion Manager include presenting information about ports and tours to passengers, resolving passenger concerns, and creating cross-marketing sales strategies. To be hired as a shore excursion manager, it is essential to have a college degree experience in the tourism industry.

The salary for this position varies depending on the location. Some positions are paid by commissions, while tips from passengers pay others. A Shore Excursion Manager’s salary can range from eight hundred to fifteen thousand USD. The amount of commission you’ll receive will depend on your job location, experience, and the level of management you’re accustomed to.

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What Does a Shore Excursion Manager Do?

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