What is DGB? 5 Advantages You Should Know About DigiByte


DGB or DigiByte is a fast and flexible cryptocurrency that uses five mining algorithms to achieve maximum decentralization and security. The asset appeared in 2014 with the assistance of one of the most active members of the bitcoin community, Jared Tate. The main goal of DigiByte as a cryptocurrency is to conduct a large number of small transactions every day. 

Is it worth investing in Digibyte?

DigiByte (DGB) cryptocurrency, which is gaining more and more popularity in the digital market. It has already gained a good name and many investors see DGB as a promising cryptocurrency with good growth potential.

The market value of DigiByte is relatively low and volatile. It should be noted that DigiByte, like other cryptocurrencies, can grow rapidly and lose value, so profitability may be limited. In terms of trading, DGB offers ample volatility and, with the right price targets, can provide good short-term earnings. According to the forecasts of many cryptanalysts who consider DigiByte a reliable cryptocurrency, this digital asset may soon grow to $ 0.1 per share. And over the next few years, DGB is bound to hit $ 1 apiece.

But DigiByte’s greatest appeal is in the anticipation of its widespread market adoption as a coin and a fast digital asset.

Top 5 DigiByte advantages

The Digibyte project has quite a few advantages. Let’s highlight the main ones:

  1. Global decentralization of the network. The DGB network is spread all over the world on 100,000 servers, PCs and other devices. It should be noted that each device connected to the DigiByte network automatically becomes one of the nodes. Therefore, problems with the distribution of DGB are definitely not foreseen.
  2. Maximum degree of protection. The DGB network operates on 5 algorithms, so it is not possible to hack it. At least it will require the most powerful computing power.
  3. Fast transactions. DGB blocks are generated every 15 seconds, making transfers within the network ultra-fast. In fact, the DGB network is now 40 times more powerful than the Bitcoin blockchain. 
  4. Limited emission of coins. In total, the DigiByte cryptocurrency will have 21 billion DGB coins to be mined by 2035.
  5. Low price. Compared to other popular cryptocurrencies, it is quite cheap, which means that it is affordable, as you can buy more coins. Whereas, in the long term, DGB has every chance to increase its value by several dozen times.

Where to buy and sell DigiByte?

Although the DGB cryptocurrency is not as popular as Bitcoin or Ether, it is currently possible to purchase it on almost all the best cryptocurrency exchanges. There you can buy DigiByte without any problems by exchanging Bitcoin or Ethereum for it. The most popular trading pair is DGB/BTC. 

DGB to BTC conversion on Godex can be carried out at the most favorable rate, as the exchange analyzes the market and finds the best offer. Moreover, the exchange has several advantages.

  • It doesn’t collect or keep personal information, so you can be sure that your anonymity will be preserved.
  • It has a “fixed pair rate” option for the period of the transaction. This means that the exchange fixes the DigiByte to Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency pair exchange rate when you open a transaction.
  • Godex.ie offers the most favorable exchange rate by interacting with reliable cryptocurrency exchange services. You can verify it by using an in-built DigiByte to Bitcoin exchange rate calculator.

Summing up all the studied information about this digital asset, the following conclusion can be drawn – Digibyte is one of the most promising options for investment at the moment.

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What is DGB? 5 Advantages You Should Know About DigiByte

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