What is Sound Fishing?

Sound Fishing

Have you ever heard the term ‘sound fishing?’ Despite its literal meaning, sound fishing does not mean you fish with sound. In reality, many fish swim away from any type of auditory disturbance. Sound fishing is just another type of fishing, and a lot of fishermen prefer this type of fishing over others. So let’s take a look at what exactly is sound fishing.

What is a ‘Sound’ of Water?

‘Sound’ refers to a body of water, but there are multiple ways to classify a sound. Below are various ways to identify sound of water:

  • An inlet or bay
  • A passage of water sandwiched between two land masses
  • A recessed body of water typically from the ocean
  • Other names include: bay, gulf, or cove

What type of Fish Reside in Sound Water?

Sounds are made up of brackish waters. Since sounds are sandwiched between two bodies of land and contain ocean water, the water is both salty and fresh. Because of this, both salt and freshwater fish are found within sounds. The type of fish varies depending on the sound’s location and the time of year. For example, Long Island Sound fishing commonly produces striped bass, flounder, or bluefish. Make sure to research the kinds of saltwater and freshwater fish native to the area.

Why Fish in Sound Water?

Sound waters give you the advantage of catching either freshwater or saltwater fish. The advantage of fishing near a sound is that it allows you to catch valuable fish without traveling far into the ocean. It’s highly convenient to stay close to shore without the stress of sailing out to sea. In comparison, there are no large waves, rare predator sightings, or riptides. Sound fishing is far safer than venturing out into the ocean. Also, the sound has more to offer than just fishing. You can swim in the waters after you have fulfilled your day’s catch.

However, it’s important to remember that sound water is a nursery for many fish. Fish lay their eggs and settle into the sound before moving back into freshwater or the ocean. Some fish are only allowed to be caught during a certain part of the year, while others don’t have any regulations. Because of this, there are permits, regulations, or limitations on fishing in the area. Be sure to read your state’s local laws on fishing before casting your net.

Sound Fishing

Sound fishing is a great way to enjoy the ocean without the hassle of sailing too far. Also, various types of fish have been found and collected over the years, so locate your state’s sound body of water and plan your next trip!

What is Sound Fishing?

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