What It’s Like to Own a Private Jet

Rent a Private Jet

What to Expect When You Can Fly on Your Own Terms

There are many variations of the American dream.

Some aspire to get that big house with the white picket fence. Others take to the sea in style with their own private yacht. But why sail when you can soar?

The true world traveler knows that taking to the skies is the only way to go, and there’s no better way to do that than with your own private jet.

The Life of a Private Aircraft Owner

The majority of us have flown commercial before. To say that it’s a hassle is a massive understatement, especially now with the ongoing pandemic. Virtually every commercial flight these days is cramped, rife with scheduling issues, and puts their passengers at risk for potential exposure. Even first class doesn’t feel first class anymore…not when you know there’s a better alternative.

We’re referring, of course, to private aircraft ownership. It’s been the saving grace for those who simply can’t afford to have their flight canceled or delayed due to a problem with the airline. In addition to taking back control of your flight schedule, private aircraft owners see the following benefits.

  • Increased Safety: When you fly private, you’re less exposed to security and health risks. You’ll never have to worry about what another passenger is potentially bringing onto the plane – weapon, illness, or otherwise. You’ll be able to fly more comfortably and confidently.
  • Privacy: Nothing ruins a private conversation quicker than eavesdroppers listening in, which is exactly why businesspeople and high net worth individuals prefer to fly private. Having this type of privacy allows you to have candid conversations with the people you trust.
  • Space and Comfort: You can officially say good-bye to those cramped little seats on commercial airlines. Private aircrafts offer luxurious seating with plenty of cabin space for you and your passengers.
  • Amenities: Even the very best commercial airlines don’t hold a candle to private aircrafts when it comes to amenities. You’ll have the very best in-flight entertainment, modern cabin design, a premium selection of food and drink, and your own private sleeping quarters. Having your own plane will reinvent the idea of what first class means.
  • Time: Think about all the time you’ve previously spent waiting around in airport terminals and on tarmacs. In a world where time is money, you can’t afford to be burning through valuable hours waiting for a gate to clear or for your delayed commercial flight to finally show up. That’s why savvy business people are investing in private aircrafts; they can finally reclaim those valuable working hours.
  • Flexibility: In a fast-paced world, sometimes plans change quickly. You may suddenly need to be in New York or in Los Angeles at a moment’s notice. Perhaps your shareholders are holding an emergency summit meeting. Whatever the case may be, you want the flexibility to be able to change your itinerary to reflect your most current demands.

Protecting Your Investment

The life of the private aircraft owner means that you are free to fly about the country on your own terms. You’ll have far more control over your own flight schedule, drastically cut down on wait times, and elevate your overall experience via the amenities and design aesthetics only a luxury aircraft can provide.

However, with private aircraft ownership comes with certain responsibilities and ongoing expenditures. Those who are interested in finding out more about the true cost of ownership should look into private jet services so they know what to expect. An aircraft maintenance plan will ensure that your private jet is always in top condition and ready to fly when you are.

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What It’s Like to Own a Private Jet

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