What To Do With 1 Million Dirhams In Dubai? Buy An Apartment Of Course!

What To Do With 1 Million Dirhams In Dubai? Buy An Apartment Of Course!

According to Gorge Clason in his legendary bookseller – The Richest Man in Babylon, the 5th cure to a lean purse is to own your place. That book is not just any bestseller, because owning a place comes with myriads of advantages! So, in this article, we are going to answer one question which a lot of people have asked so far; what to do with 1 million dirhams, and our answer? BUY AN APARTMENT!

Okay, let’s digress a little bit. Dubai is a great place to spend money and that is a fact. No matter how many millions you have, if you aren’t careful, you may go home without a cent. Is it the luxury steam baths, high-class hotel reservations, or the fancy five-star restaurants? Where do we start from? You can have it all in Dubai, but of course, luxury comes at a premium cost.

Life is short right? Some YOLO activities that could consume all the money before you know it

  1. Go on a yacht tour at the Dubai Marina: You could have a Yacht tour for two to three hours and have breakfast or some barbecue while at it. It is quite fascinating and perfect for a romantic date.
  2. Arabs love their cars and they rarely disappoint in that area. You could buy any of the famous brands such as Toyota, or a Nissan Speciale. Once it is worth the money, why not?
  3. You could join a dessert cruise otherwise known as dunes and explore the dry, sandy earth.
  4. Alternatively, you could have dinner in the air and just pass away time
  5. How about a hot air balloon ride or a luxury open-air tour across the UAE. Who wouldn’t want to look over the beautiful Dubai like Christian Grey and Anastasia?

Of course, you will have fun and enjoy all/ any of the above and the list goes on and on. But then you have only photos to hold on to right?

Let’s take an alternative line other than the enjoyments. Let’s convert that 1million dirham into owning a beautiful apartment in the centre of town where all the fun is happening. Wouldn’t it be worth it?

Here are 3 reasons why you should buy a property with 1 million dirhams 

  1. Owning an apartment in Dubai means you have the advantage of owning real estate in one of the world’s fastest-growing economies where property appreciates often.
  2. Owning an apartment in Dubai will save you the cost of rentals; meaning that if you choose to live there, you’d be free of monthly rentals and if you chose to lease it out, it becomes an income generator.
  3. Real estate is permanent and long term so you are guaranteed continual benefits from the property. Rather than chasing fleeting luxury, the money will stay with you.

Having said all of that, are you wondering what options you have, and the places to get them in the UAE? Here is a brief list of some of the communities where you can get an apartment for 1 million dirhams:

  1. Residences at Marina Gate: You can get a condo apartment, or a single bedroom apartment in Marina Gate for 1 million dirhams or even less.
  2. Dubai Silicon City: properties in Dubai Silicon City are available at relatively lower costs. You can obtain a 2 Bedroom apartment with 1 million dirhams or even less.
  3. Dubai land: Likewise, properties are available for sale at Dubai Land around that price.
  4. Palm Jumeirah: Although it is relatively few, you can purchase a very nice apartment in Palm Jumeirah at that price.
  5. International city: Also a good place to obtain properties within that price.

Generally, you can rest assured of great value for money provided you purchase right and that is what Ax Capital is here for.

Read more on the official website https://www.axcapital.ae

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What To Do With 1 Million Dirhams In Dubai? Buy An Apartment Of Course!

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