What You Need to Know About Joji’s “Will He”

Joji’s “Will He” is an incredibly melancholic song about the loss of a former lover. It’s a short song, a little over three minutes long, and it gives off a great vibe. It has a slow, pleasant vibe that makes it easy to see why Joji is one the most popular Japanese musicians. Here’s what you need to know about “Will He.”

Joji’s “Will He” is a melancholy message to a former lover

In the beginning of “Will He,” the song’s beat is ominous and then morphs into a hard-hitting ballad. It seems like Joji is in pain and reflecting on his past relationships. Although he seems to be moving forward with his life, his lyrics are a melancholy message for a former lover.

Joji was originally a Japanese rapper and singer. He released his own EP in November 2017. It was filled with heavy trap elements and desolate vocals and features the song “Will He.” Will He has received more than twelve million streams on Spotify and over 26 million views on YouTube. Joji’s video of “Will He”, features him in a panda costume.

Many articles on Joji’s music include the song’s opening line. The title of the track translates to “will they,” which is a Latin phrase that means “a living arrangement” or a “spiritual contract”. The lyrics are similar to those of Joji’s third album, Nectar. It’s a song about the struggles of a former lover and his inability to resolve the problems in his relationship.

Joji’s new single “Will He” is a meek, melancholy message for a former lover. Joji’s debut album BALLADS 1 has reached platinum status and became the first Asian-born artist to reach the top of the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart.

The album is a polarizing affair that highlights Miller’s psyche and controversial career choices. His musical output touches on topics as varied as self-hatred, rocky relationships, indulging in vices, and love-sickness. His voice resonates with youth and reminds us of the limitations of life. The forthcoming single “Will He” features collaborations with Rich Brian and Keith Ape, August 08, TVFilthyFrank.

The lyrics’ gloomy tone is a reminder of the difficulties that come with being alone, especially in relationships. It’s a melancholy message to a former lover and is filled with sadness. It’s a melancholy message to a former lover, but it’s a heartfelt one nonetheless.

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What You Need to Know About Joji’s “Will He”
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