When Is It Time to Get in Touch with a Solicitor?


Disagreements happen day to day. But some disputes are more serious than others.

There can come a time when a dispute can’t be resolved without legal intervention. And when this happens, where do you turn?

It can be intimidating to start a legal process if you never have before.

It’s important to understand when the best time is to get legal help, and when to avoid it. This article will look into the times you need to get in touch with a solicitor and what areas they can help you with.

When looking for a solicitor, it’s key to find one near you. You can do this by searching ‘solicitors Ipswich’ for example. This way, you can arrange meetings more easily as they are nearby.

Legal advice

There are many different branches in law that solicitors deal with.

Whether you’ve recently set up a business, or you have never spoken to a solicitor before and need some advice, simply search for local solicitors near you to start the process.

They can help with anything from employment contracts, whether you should incorporate as a limited company and more.

Friends and Family Issues

Disputes with friends and family can turn nasty, and they usually revolve around money issues.

You don’t have to take legal action right away and should do your best to get any payment arrangements in writing as evidence.

If you fail to come to an agreement, you can get in touch with a solicitor who will be able to provide advice with next steps.

Making a Will or Power of Attorney

Making future arrangements like a will or power of attorney will need to be done officially for it to be seen as legally valid.

You can arrange or change your will legally with two witnesses who need to sign the will in your presence.

When arranging a power of attorney, the decision to give someone the power to make decisions on your behalf, this needs to be done officially. You can get a solicitor to do this on your behalf, or you can do it yourself on the Office of the Public Guardian website.

Personal Injury Claims

If you require help with a personal injury claim, a solicitor is the best way to resolve things quickly. It is their duty to get your life back to normal as quickly as possible after you experience an injury that wasn’t your fault.

Personal injury claims are also time-sensitive, so it is in your best interest to get it resolved as fast as possible, as a solicitor will make this much easier. You should therefore contact one as soon as possible after you have sustained an injury.

Tips Before Contacting a Solicitor

Before getting in touch with a solicitor, there are certain steps you should try to take which include:

  • Keep a record of events including messages, emails etc.
  • Don’t make any threats such as taking them to court until you have done everything possible to solve the situation.
  • Do everything you can before getting a solicitor involved.

When To Get in Touch

When it comes to legal disputes, it’s best to get in touch with a solicitor as soon as possible when the evidence is fresh.

This is because it is easier to obtain reliable information, such as getting interviews and documents while it’s all fresh in everyone’s minds.

Some claims can be time sensitive, such as personal injuries which are only valid between the time of the accident and three years, so it’s important to get in touch quickly.

Claims to an employment tribunal are also time sensitive and must be submitted within 3 months of the end of your contract.

How to Get in Touch

If you feel that everything has been done to prevent going to court but there is still a long way to go, it’s time to get in touch with a solicitor to help.

This is when you should search for solicitors in Ipswich, or your nearest town, to find a local lawyer. Simply call or send an email with a brief description.

They will then get in touch and will likely ask about your dispute, advising you on the next best steps.

When Is It Time to Get in Touch with a Solicitor?

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