Where to Find Vizslas

The best place to find Vizslas is from a reputable breeder. A quality breeder will be an active member of an organization that promotes best breeding practices and has sires and dames that have won many competitions. Breeders should have a good understanding of the pedigrees and be open to sharing them with potential buyers. A good breeder will be willing to introduce you and show you where the litters are. Once you have purchased your new friend, you should sign a written agreement and receive a veterinary health certificate. The breeder should also offer support for your dog throughout its lifetime.

A breeder who specializes in the care and training of Vizslas is another good place to look for them. The breed is incredibly active and is very devoted to its owner. The breed’s loyalty and love for family life make it a wonderful pet for families. They are not the most energetic, but they are very affectionate and loving. They require at least one hour of vigorous activity per day.

When buying a Vizsla, be sure to research the dog’s health history. Vizslas are highly susceptible to thyroid disease, a condition wherein the immune system attacks the thyroid and compromises the thyroid’s ability to produce hormones. The symptoms usually don’t appear until the dog is at least two to five years old. Sometimes symptoms are subtle and it can take many years for a dog to be diagnosed. Breeders should be prepared to repeat tests if they suspect that a dog may have thyroid disease. If a dog develops thyroid disease, autoantibodies will indicate this genetic condition.

AKC recognized the Vizsla as a breed in 1960. The breed sheds heavily, and if you are allergic to fur, this might be a problem. There are four leading breeders in Massachusetts, and you can choose from a pup from any of them. You’ll have to commit for a decade or more if you want a Vizsla, so it’s best to do your research.

A good breeder will give you a well-socialized dog. Vizslas can be playful and friendly with other dogs. The breed’s temperament and health are very good, and it will be easy to train your new puppy. If you are not comfortable with dogs, you can always consult a veterinarian. You can also find a breeder that will help you find the right puppy for you.

A healthy Vizsla will weigh about 45-65 pounds and stand between 21-24 inches tall at the shoulder. They have a single coat that may be wirehaired or smooth. The coat can be either grey or black and is moderately shedgable. To keep stray hairs from getting into your home, it is recommended that you brush your dog at least once a week. Although the Vizsla is a very healthy breed, they do need regular veterinary care.

Where to Find Vizslas
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