Who is the QB for the Indianapolis Colts?

The Indianapolis Colts is a professional American football team that is based in Indianapolis. They play in the American Football Conference South division of the National Football League. Since 2008, the team has played at Lucas Oil Stadium for its home games.

Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz is an American football quarterback for the Washington Commanders of the National Football League. He previously played college football at North Dakota State, where he won five NCAA FCS national championships. He was named the 2014 National Football League Offensive Player-of-the-Year.

Carson Wentz was a rookie with the Indianapolis Colts and completed 62.4 percent (3563 yards, 27 touchdowns) of his passes. He also had seven interceptions. In eight starts this season, he lost five fumbles and turned the ball over five times. His quarterback rating was so high that the Colts went 2-6. Despite Wentz’s high upside, his performance has been overshadowed by some negative aspects of the team.

The performance of Wentz has sparked speculation about the team’s future, especially if Wentz is traded prior to the March 18 deadline. This would indicate that the Colts were not willing to commit to Wentz for the next four seasons. However, a slew of reports suggest that the Colts are not confident enough in Wentz to make a commitment. It is clear that Wentz’s team leadership is not confident in him, which is a serious concern. The Colts may have to give up some All-Pros if Wentz were the starter in 2022 to find a quarterback they can trust.

Wentz is now in Washington so Indianapolis is without a reliable quarterback. Although the Colts have some quality options in the passing department, Wentz may be the best option for the short-term. Reich made Wentz a MVP candidate in Philadelphia. However, Indianapolis believed that Wentz’s poor season in Philadelphia was due to the Eagles’ team’s decline. Wentz did not expect to carry the team, but hoped he could be an efficient passer and bring back some big-play elements to the passing game.


Matthew Thomas Ryan is a professional football quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts in the National Football League. Ryan attended Boston College and was drafted third overall in the 2008 NFL Draft. He is a graduate of Boston College and has won a number of awards for his play on the field. After he was undefeated during his college career, the Colts selected Ryan to be their quarterback. Ryan has been a part of the Atlanta Falcons and Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl rings.

After the earlier month’s trade of Carson Wentz to Washington Commanders, the Indianapolis Colts needed a starting quarterback. In exchange for Ryan, who was drafted by the Patriots fourth overall, the Colts gave up two-thirds of Wentz’s salary. Indy was able to trade Carson Wentz for two draft picks, which gave them some breathing space at the quarterback position.

Aside from being a proven franchise quarterback, Ryan is also a model of consistency. After losing Luck and Rivers, the Colts lacked consistency. After losing Luck and Rivers, the Colts have to find a new starting quarterback. The Colts could use Ryan to build a playoff team instead of focusing on a young quarterback. Ryan still has two seasons on his contract so they can absorb the salary cap hit while he plays with the team.

Despite his age, Ryan is still a young man. He was drafted No. 3 overall in 2008 and played his final season for the Atlanta Falcons, finishing with a record of 120-102. His passing rating was an impressive 366. His high numbers made him a potential Super Bowl candidate. Ryan appears to be a viable option in the short-term. A healthy Ryan could help the Colts to win a Super Bowl.


In addition to the stud left tackle Anthony Castonzo, the Indianapolis Colts have a few other options for their quarterback. Bridgewater is a former Louisville standout with a limited number of starts under his belt. The team will evaluate all of them before making their decision, which will be under constant scrutiny and speculation. Bridgewater is the most likely option among the group. The Colts have plenty salary-cap space for a quarterback to sign, so they can make their decision in the offseason.

The second-year pro is considered the best of both. In 2018, he played seven games for the Broncos and was a backup in five games with New Orleans Saints. Bridgewater finished his rookie season with a record of 5-0, throwing 13 touchdowns and just two interceptions. He is praised by coaches for his high football intelligence and ability to spot defensive holes and soft spots. He is also able to extend drives, which is an uncommon trait for a backup quarterback.

If Bridgewater isn’t ready to be the starting quarterback in Indianapolis, the team can move on to another quarterback in the 2019 draft. The Colts could trade for another quarterback, or draft a young quarterback during the 2022 NFL Draft. In addition to Bridgewater, the Colts may also sign a free agent quarterback to fill in for Wentz. The Colts’ quarterback situation is not easy, but Bridgewater has shown some flashes.

The Indianapolis Colts have the largest cap space in the NFL this season. Teddy Bridgewater is hoping for at least $25 million a year when free agency begins. Despite that, the Colts can’t guarantee that he’ll get that amount of money. Therefore, the Indianapolis Colts will have to be aggressive. The Colts could still sign another QB but it’s unlikely that they will be closer to Wentz.


Samuel George Ehlinger is an American football quarterback. He plays for the Indianapolis Colts in the National Football League. Ehlinger was born Ohio. Ehlinger has a high school education from East St. Paul, Minnesota. He played college football at Indiana University. He is a member the American Football Coaches Association. Since 2009, Ehlinger is a member the NFL.

The Indianapolis Colts have placed Carson Wentz on the reserve list and have signed sixth-round rookie Sam Ehlinger to replace him. Ehlinger will face the Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday. Ehlinger was signed by the Colts in the sixth round 2021 NFL Draft. This means that Ehlinger will be the team’s starter this week. The Colts had previously signed veteran Brett Hundley to their practice team, but the Packers were not able to reach an agreement.

Eason was Ehlinger’s backup in a preseason game. However, he struggled in his NFL debut and threw a backbreaking interception against the Rams. In the end, the Colts chose to give the job to veteran Brett Hundley, who has more experience. Ehlinger was not allowed to be released by Indianapolis without being exposed to the waiver wire. Ultimately, the Seahawks claimed him and replaced him with Ehlinger.

Despite the injury history of the team’s starting quarterback, Ehlinger has been a solid backup for the Colts this season. The Colts can clinch a playoff spot with a win over the Raiders. Head coach Frank Reich will favor Ehlinger in Training Camp. If Ehlinger is the starter, the Colts could pick up another quarterback this year.

Andrew Luck

Andrew Austen Luck, an American football quarterback, is Andrew Austen Luck. He was a Colts player from 2007 to 2012. He was a highly regarded amateur prospect in college and won the Walter Camp Award as a senior. As a professional, he has become a top pick for many teams. Luck’s impressive resume has garnered praise from both fans and critics. Many will miss him, but he is still the Colts’ iconic quarterback.

If Andrew Luck is not the starting quarterback for the Colts this season, the team will likely turn to Jacoby Brissett, who was acquired from the New England Patriots before the 2017 season. Brissett averaged 6.6 yards per attempt while throwing 13 touchdowns and eight interceptions. In Luck’s rookie season, the Colts went 11-5, reaching the playoffs. However, they lost in the Wild Card round. With Luck out, the Colts went 4-11 and won’t be able to qualify for the playoffs. This is a sign they will be looking for a new quarterback in near future.

Many fans aren’t convinced by the hype surrounding Peyton Manning despite the hype. Luck was reportedly linked to retirement rumors. But his career was a defining one, and his decision to retire shocked the NFL. The Colts’ fans couldn’t believe the news. After all, he had just won Super Bowl MVP, they had found their next starting quarterback. He was booed off of the field during the preseason.

After three NFL seasons, Luck has been suffering from injuries to his leg and ankle. Luck has been dealing with calf strain, high ankle, and leg pain. While he’s been on the sidelines, he has also been spending time with his family. He met his girlfriend, Nicole Pechanec, at Stanford University. The two began dating in college and became a couple.

Who is the QB for the Indianapolis Colts?
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