Who Will Win in the Rams-Eagles Game in 2019?

The Los Angeles Rams and Philadelphia Eagles are two of the best teams in the NFL, but who will win in the Rams-Eagles game in 2019? Although it is unlikely that either team will trade their key players, the Rams need to make sure they have one of their top free agents. These are the three players you should be watching. If you’re rooting for the Rams, consider drafting one of these players.

The Rams are coming off a win over the Dallas Cowboys, and they want to continue their momentum. They beat the Cowboys this Sunday with a balanced offensive attack. Their defense kept Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott at bay. The Rams are determined to establish themselves as one of the best NFC teams and will face the defending NFC East champions in this matchup.

Johnson was a pedestrian tenth of the Eagles’ passers in the first half, as the Rams’ offensive line struggled against them. He dropped several passes, but the Rams’ defense stepped up in the second half. And while the Eagles held the Rams to 14 points in the first half, the Rams were able to score 21 points through their running game. The Rams’ offensive line was bolstered by the signing of offensive lineman Jason Peters in July. Peters was originally intended to be a backup offensive player, but he was made to leave tackle after Andre Dillard injured his biceps.

The Eagles’ offensive line has struggled against the Rams in the past year and was hit at least 12 times. In this matchup, however, the Rams should win the defensive line battle. Both sides have talented players at the offensive line. The Rams have depth and talent. They should not have any problem blocking Donald and Co. If the Rams play well against the Eagles, expect a low scoring game.

The NFC East is at stake and the Eagles and Rams are competing for it. Both their run defenses must be better. Last year, Ezekiel Elliott rushed for 264 yards against the Eagles in two games. Dak Prescott wants to be paid like Carson Wentz. He had a 50.7 completion rate in the red zone, but was sacked eight times inside the 20. On the other hand, Amari Cooper caught ten passes for 217 yards in Week 14.

The Rams and Eagles will face two tough matchups in Weeks 8, and 13 respectively. However, the Browns are likely have a better record than expected after a difficult stretch. The Browns lost two key offensive line members in the draft, left guard Rodger Saffold and center John Sullivan. With the injuries, they’ll need to make up for it with their young star running backs. There’s plenty to cheer about in Cleveland.

Two questionable injuries to the defense are a concern for the Eagles. Alshon Jeffery is currently on injured reserve. He will miss Sunday’s game, and he is unlikely to return until October. So he’ll be watching from the sidelines. Jalen Reagor and Greg Ward are the primary wide receivers for the team. Malik Jackson is also available. J.J. Arcega Whiteside could be used by the Eagles as a backup.

Who Will Win in the Rams-Eagles Game in 2019?
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