Why Buy Land in Burnet County for Your Next Property Investment?

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Named after the first president of the Republic of Texas, Burnet county was founded in 1852. With a population of 47,548, as last reported in 2020, this county is located in the Edwards plateau in Texas and is known for representing different US cultures.

If you want to invest in real estate properties or land in Texas, Burnet County could be a great investment option offering good land buys. As most Burnet County land for sale, you will find great land areas for building your home or commercial space. If you are still wondering why buy land here? Keep reading to know more.


When it comes to culture, Burnet county has a rich history. There are places like Longhorn Cavern and State Park, the Historic Burnet Square, the Highland Lakes Air Museum, Fort Croghan Museum, and Grounds, and others. These places will show you the history and culture of this place which it has still kept. This region’s frontier history will leave you wondering about the past. The fort, built in 1849 by the United States just after the Civil War to defend colonists from hostile Indian tribes, is now a museum where visitors can travel back in time and explore the culture of Burnet.

Low Cost of Living

According to recent data, the cost of living in Burnet is 90.1 compared to 94.2 in other cities in Texas. The Texas real estate source ranks Burnet County in the second position for being the best place to retire and live.

Living expenses in this county are pretty low compared to other places in Texas. Residents in Burnet enjoy a sparse suburban vibe, and the majority own their houses. Burnet has a large population of families and people who want to explore out of the city and live away from the city.

Easy Availability of Land

Most Burnet County land is for sale as most parts are vacant and left for housing. The county is spread over 1,020 square miles, is located in the heart of Texas hill country, and has excellent land spaces for houses. More than 400 plots are ready for sale to people looking to build homes, and you can easily find land here to buy and build buildings.

Quality Living

A home for a family starts with a cost of $300k and goes up to $600k, depending on your requirements for spaces.

When it comes to quality living, Burnet county is among one of the best places to live in Texas. The overall livability rating for Burnet is above average, and it ranks better in evaluating a good standard of life compared to other cities. Burnet county offers a good standard and quality living conditions free of the city’s noise and pollution. The score of livability takes into account factors like schooling, crime rate, living cost, and people’s overall satisfaction, which is estimated by getting a survey done with the residents.

When looking to buy land in Texas, burnet county could be the perfect place for your family to live a quality lifestyle. With picturesque locations of lakes and forests and the historical importance of this county, it is one of the best places to live in Texas. You will find other cities nearby this county within 50 miles of distance. Living in Burnet County provides a mix of both urban and rural living with a friendly and strong community.

Why Buy Land in Burnet County for Your Next Property Investment?

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