Will Deshaun Watson Still Be Playing in 2022?

After the 2018 NFL Draft, the question is, “Will Deshaun Watson still be playing in 2022?” Although the answer may not be as clear as people might think, one thing is certain. Deshaun Watson will definitely play in the NFL. His future is still in question, but the Seattle Seahawks are one team that could be a good fit for him. He is “extremely torn” between the Atlanta Falcons, New England Patriots and Cleveland Browns.

While the NFL has not ruled on the case yet, there is still a chance that Watson will face some sort of discipline for violating the league’s personal conduct policy. Currently, he’s not on the Commissioner’s Exempt List, which means that he’s eligible to play in the NFL immediately in 2022. However, a sudden suspension from the league could happen, and it’s possible that Watson will be ineligible to play.

If the Texans can’t trade Watson this offseason, they’ll probably be interested in trading him to the Falcons. The Panthers, Saints, and Panthers met Houston’s asking price, so the Falcons are likely to be interested in signing Watson. Even if Watson isn’t offered a high enough salary by the Browns, they will still have a chance to sign him. Watson’s extension of his contract with the Panthers will be an additional incentive for Watson to stay.

Watson would love to play with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They have two of the best receivers in the league and have won a Super Bowl. In an offense created by Bruce Arians, Byron Leftwich, Watson would join Chris Godwin (center) and Mike Evans (right). The Bucs, however, have a later draft pick, so they’ll have to make a big deal to get Watson.

While the new contract does not give Watson a guaranteed salary, he’ll make a healthy $45 million as a signing bonus in 2022. Watson’s base salary is $1 million and the Cleveland Browns have agreed to trade three of their first-rounders to Houston. If Watson’s suspension is upheld, the NFL may face backlash from fans. Many women’s rights groups are planning a large protest at Watson’s games.

While the trade will give the Browns a new franchise quarterback, the Browns also get a fifth-round pick in 2022. The Browns have also established relationships with the Falcons and Deshaun Watson has connections with the team. In the end, the Browns have a great chance of being closer to playoff contention than other teams. They’ll be the closest team to a playoff place if they can sign Deshaun Watson in 2022.

Even if Watson was available, it would be foolish for the Browns to not trade Watson. The Browns are trying to fill holes on the offensive side of the ball. They could trade Travon Walker to make room for a younger quarterback but it would be better to use the draft capital to fill an offense need. The Falcons, on the other hand, have to look for a replacement for Deshaun Watson before they can get him. The Browns are unlikely to do so, but they should consider their other needs.

Will Deshaun Watson Still Be Playing in 2022?
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