Women’s Santa’s Helper Costume

A women’s Santa’s Helper Costume is an official second in command outfit. This fitted red and green dress is accented by white pom-poms. The dress also includes matching booties and a red cape. The perfect holiday costume for a woman on her way to the North Pole! A Santa’s Helper costume will make you feel like a real Santa, no matter if you’re looking for a Halloween costume or a festive holiday gathering costume.

Santa’s helper is a sexy sleigh bride

This Halloween, be a sexy Sleigh Belle. This sleigh belle is Santa Claus’s sexy helper. Her job is to keep his reindeer team happy. She will be polishing Santa’s sleigh bells, and waxing the rails of Santa’s sleigh. She will also feed the reindeers carrots, and oats.

You’ll be the sexiest sleigh belle around in this festive fantasy costume. You’ll be surrounded by elves, a flocked red scarf, and a green velvet dress. She’ll be sure to inspire extra-nice behavior from everyone she meets. For women who love to dress up for the holidays, a sleigh belle costume is a great choice!

The three-piece set comes with a sexy robe and a gold buckle belt. Optional leg warmers and a hat are available, but they can keep you warm while Santa does his work. The cost of the costume is based on the price of different hats. However, if you don’t want to spend the extra money on a hat, you can always wear the pink Queen costume.

She helps Santa make toys

Santa’s helpers, the elves and Mrs. Claus, make it possible to deliver toys to children around the world. These elves clock in many hours of work during the holiday season and are often under appreciated. Without them, Santa would be overwhelmed with work and would not be nearly as jolly. Luckily, there are several ways to dress up as an elf for the holidays. You can dress up as Santa’s helper for children, adults, or even your dog this year!

Red dress is what she wears

This women’s Santa’s Helper costume is a stunning, streamlined outfit for your little one. This elves-in-training costume features a red dress with white faux fur and gold rick-rack trim, a red belt, and two puffy white pompom buttons. The dress is paired with a matching elf hat and matching green booties. A red and white elf cap will complement the traditional Santa Claus costume.

This costume is very easy to put on and takes little effort! The red dress is made of soft, stretchy fabric and will hug your curves and be alluring to Santa! A Sexy Sassy Santa Helper costume is also an excellent way to spread holiday cheer and charitable spirit. The costume is fully functional and will help you understand the true meaning of Christmas. For an added effect, make sure to wear gloves and a cap!

This red dress features a metallic red and white candy-cane-striped spaghetti straps, and a wide white waistband. The outfit also includes a matching Santa hat and fuzzy white leg warmers. Choosing this costume will make you feel like the true elf in the North Pole Workshop. This Santa’s helper costume will make you look festive and sexy!

She is wearing a red hat

The Christmas Santa’s helper costume includes a strapless dress with red faux fur trim and a puffed skirt. This outfit includes a matching apron and a red hat. It also comes with a black belt, elf gloves, and a pair elf gloves. The dress does not have the red stockings found in many other elf costumes, despite the red hat.

A Santa’s helper costume in forest green is a great choice for a more sinister look. This Santa’s helper costume has attached hoods and red boot covers. Wear this costume under the Christmas tree to cheer up Santa! To complete the look, purchase tree-shaped Spritz cookies and white furry leg warmers. To add more volume to the skirt, you might consider adding a red tutu jacket.

The Santa’s helper costume is a classic, timeless costume that was introduced in 2007. This Santa’s Helper Outfit consisted of a red velvet dress with black faux fur trim at cuffs, hem, and boots. It also included silver stockings and a black velvet cuff. The look is completed with a black velvet belt. This costume includes a red velvet dress and a matching red hat, with pom-pom trim.

The Lil’ Miss Santa’s Helper Costume for girls is an ideal Christmas party outfit. This red dress features a white belt with three puffy faux buttons at the front. It also includes a red Santa Hat with blonde yarn braids. This costume is perfect to gift your little helper! This red hat is just one of the many details that make this outfit a festive costume.

She wears a red belt

Adults can dress up in the Adult Rich Red Velvet Perky Piixie Santa’s Elf costume. The costume includes a strapless red velvet gown with a white fur-trimmed neckline and matching Santa hat. A black leather belt with a gold buckle completes the look. The outfit includes matching black stockings with a furry hem.

This Santa Helper costume includes a sexy robe, but it does not include boots. Below are several options for faux leather boots that are affordable. This costume is not suitable for those who are petite or slim. You should consider a different size costume if you are a size XS. If you’re petite and have small hips, it’s not going to fit you properly, but a size small might work.

Original release of the Santa’s Helper outfit in 2007 was a year ago. It was then retired a year later. The red velour dress featured a black velvet belt, cuffs, and hem, as well as a santa hat with gold holly embroidery. The outfit included black shiny boots with black velvet trim and a red and black plaid scarf. This outfit can be worn with the matching Santa Hat and leg warmers.

The classic Santa Claus dress is a festive and sexy Christmas holiday option. This red stretch velvet dress has a fitted waist and a black halter strap. A matching Santa hat and fuzzy white leg warmers complete the look. This dress will get you noticed whether you plan to participate in Christmas parades or play indoor snow games.

She is wearing curly brown boot covers

Santa Claus costumes include the feet as an integral part. They are made from high-quality naugahyde and have plush trim. They are one-size-fits all and ship separately from other items in your order. Curly boot covers are also important for keeping warm on chilly nights. To complete your Santa’s helper look, you need to pair your boot covers with a red or green felt belt.

A hooded red velvet Santa Helper dress is an eye-catcher. The lace-up detail is a big draw. It also features a typical Santa Claus white faux fur trim and a high/low hem. The dress also includes a black vinyl belt and red-and-green-striped leggings. A floppy hat and black boots are not included.

For a more authentic look, a Santa’s helper elf costume should be comfortable and include matching slacks and a red hat. Boot covers are essential for elfs who don’t like sneakers and cuffs. You can also get black boot covers to cover your heels for a cheaper option. The red and white striped apron is a festive touch.

Women’s Santa’s Helper Costume
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