Xolo in Flint, Michigan

xolo in flint michigan 46397

If you are looking for a new place to eat in Flint, Michigan, you may be interested in Xolo. This fusion restaurant and bar will feature Latin-inspired cuisine. In addition to its modern atmosphere, it also boasts a strong Yelp rating. You can check out the menu online to get a better idea of what you can expect. The restaurant also has a funky Latin theme, as its name suggests. Its colorful, urban ambiance is inspired by the city’s murals.

The menu at Xolo has something for everyone. Their logo is a guy with a handlebar mustache, L-shaped nose, and glasses. You can choose from endless agave flavors and a variety of food. Xolo’s menu has something for everyone and is sure to be popular. This restaurant has a downtown location in Flint, as well as a new location in Fenton. The 111 Building is located at the Southeast corner of South Leroy Street and East Caroline Street.

Xolo in Flint, Michigan
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