Yorkie Puppies for Sale Dallas- Where to find the Prettiest Pups

Yorkie Puppies for Sale Dallas- Where to find the Prettiest Pups

Dallas, one of Texas’s largest cities, is also known to locals as the Triple D. People here are amiable and absolutely adore their pets. And well, who doesn’t?

One of the most popular choices for pets is the Yorkshire Terrier. This breed has a great mix of characteristics, making them very well-liked. Getting one of these lovely puppies into your household will bring you years of laughter, happiness, and genuine companionship.

The Yorkshire Terrier may be a miniature dog breed but have huge personalities. That may be why they make great pets for many families.

If you are also looking for Yorkie puppies for sale in Dallas, you need a good and reputable breeder. This is to ensure that your to-be puppy is born under ethical conditions and is healthy. While there are a few breeders available in Dallas, you can plan a quick and short road trip to the nearby areas. Dive right into the article if you want to know about the different places where you can meet your future friend.

Wendy’s Yorkies

Wendy’s Yorkies is located close to Paris, Texas, in a small community called Powderly. From Dallas, it takes roughly 2 1/2 hours to get there.

The owner, Wendy Vanderburg, is a vibrant person to interact with. Her top priority is to ensure that her puppies go to excellent loving homes. To make the adoption process for you a super smooth ride, she starts by helping you with custom house training. This way, the puppy you choose will quickly adapt to the new household.

Being accommodating in nature, Wendy also has the option to ship the puppies to your location.

All the puppies receive their complete set of vaccinations and deworming treatments and are sent to their new homes with their health records and a bag full of fresh puppy treats.

Doggie House Store

Doggie house store is a pet shop located in Plano, Texas. It takes approximately a 45-minute short ride from Dallas to reach there.

Originally a dream, Doggie House Pet Shop is a family-run enterprise. They believe in the ethics of the puppy-buying process. Their beliefs and principles helped them break the stigma surrounding the industry. When prospective adoptees arrive, these breeders treat them to a first-rate home setting and a one-on-one experience.

They strive to ensure their puppies are healthy and without abnormalities. Once brought to the store, the puppies are given a safe and clean place to stay. They also have play areas where you can engage with the puppy you choose for yourself.

Yorkie Puppies for Sale Dallas- Where to find the Prettiest Pups

Texas Teacups

Texas Teacups blend art and science together to bring a new breeding experience to Texas. As they are located between Collin and Dallas County, if you want to adopt a puppy, you must make an appointment before your visit. Taking appointments is a must because they only bring puppies which people request after confirming their visit.

In addition to providing each puppy with a sound nutritional foundation and health assurances, they spend a lot of time socializing them. From day one, any dog placed up for adoption will be gregarious and playful.

Petland Dallas

Petland Dallas is a pet store located in Dallas, Texas. They are a family-owned business and deal only with professional and licensed breeders. With the help of a pet counselor, you can find the perfect Yorkie puppy you want. They provide exceptional assistance to a pet counselor.

They have a team of highly professional and super friendly staff who have all gone through intensive training.

Their primary objective is to inform people about pets. The knowledge they offer helps clients make wise decisions that enhance the quality of their own lives and their pets’ lives.

Puppies purchased from Petland receive a free initial veterinary examination. Additionally, they offer a health certificate and up-to-date vaccinations.

Petland Frisco

Petland, located in Frisco, Texas, is approximately a 40-minute ride from Dallas. Since its opening in 2003, this locally run and owned store has been committed to uniting families with the ideal pets.

Most of the employees working here have been with Petland Frisco for more than 10 years and have ample knowledge about their trade. You can be confident that Petland in Frisco will pair you with the ideal Yorkie for your household.

They provide their puppies with a very healthy environment by providing them with nutritious and fresh food and brushing their hair every day. The pups are bathed and have their nails clipped at appropriate intervals to maintain their hygiene. You can rest assured that your future puppy will be happy and healthy.

To Sum Up

As you can see, the heart of Texas is home to many reputable and established Yorkshire Terrier breeders.

Although most have the traditional black-and-tan coat, some Texas breeders sell Yorkies with different colored fur. Additionally, many of them sell Teacup Yorkies. They weigh less than 4 pounds and can virtually fit in the palm of your hand.

Therefore, pick up the phone and call one or more of these breeders if you are looking for Yorkie puppies for sale in Dallas. They will be delighted to assist you in finding your best new buddy.

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Yorkie Puppies for Sale Dallas- Where to find the Prettiest Pups

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