Getting the Right One: Your Industrial PC Buying Checklist

Industrial PC

Statistics show that the consumer demand for PCs in 2020 resulted in the highest global PC market growth in a decade.

While businesses weren’t buying as many PCs last year, that number could be changing with everything opening back up.

Does your business own a fanless industrial PC? How would owning one benefit your business? What needs do you have for the PC that you purchase?

Keep reading to learn more about what you need to be looking for when ordering your first industrial PC.


The first item that you want to look at when it comes to purchasing an industrial panel PC is if it is compatible with the software you need to install on it to carry out the job. This is important to check before purchasing so that you know if it has the proper system requirements or not.


Where will the industrial PC be stored? Are you going to be operating it from the same location or frequently moving it? How mobile does it need to be?

Determining the size of the PC that you would like to purchase before you begin your search is the key to finding a perfect fit. An industrial PC that stays at the same workstation will be designed differently than one that needs to move from project to project.

Deciding whether the size of the screen or its resolution will be important is another step. If you will be looking at small details on the computer, then the resolution will become more of a factor.

Storage Options

In one day of business, thousands of items may be stored on the PC. Can it handle storing those items? What are the options for additional storage?

Exploring storage options ahead of time can save you the headache of running out of space for important items later. This is a great item to discuss with the industrial PC company that you purchase your computer from.

Powering & Operating an Industrial PC

What are the options for powering the PC? If you are outside of the office, what setup will you need? What are the operating needs of the PC?

Planning ahead and addressing the operational functions of the PC is a must before buying. Finding out that you invested in a model that can’t handle the functions of the job is not something that your business wants to experience with its technology. Outline what you will be using the computer for so that the company can confirm if it can properly carry out the tasks needed.

Order a PC Today

Now that you have read about what you need to be looking for when ordering your first industrial PC, you can place an order today. Investing in the proper equipment to make your business run as efficiently as possible will pay dividends in the future. Check out our website for more helpful articles like this one.

Getting the Right One: Your Industrial PC Buying Checklist

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