10 Improve Your Aim In Battlefield 2042

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Some gamers have trouble with their aim in Battlefield 2042. If you’re one of them, then this blog post is for you! 

We’ll be going over ten tips to improve your aim so that you can get on the leaderboard and show off your skills. 

1. Get a gaming mouse with a high DPI

The first thing to help with your aim is a good gaming mouse with a high DPI.

If you want the most out of your current possibilities, then it’s time to upgrade that old mouse! A new one will give you more settings for extra configuration. A lot of gaming mice have adjustable DPI. This is helpful when trying to make small adjustments to your aim.

If you don’t have a high-DPI mouse yet, then what are you waiting for? Get one already! A lot of the time, your aim might be fine, but it’s all about speed. If you can shoot faster than your enemy, you’ll very likely kill them before they kill you. A high DPI mouse is especially helpful if you play with 400 or 800 dpi sensitivity.

2. Use the correct weapon for the job

While you don’t need to use the weapon with the highest damage output, you must pick a weapon that fits your playstyle. If you’re not very good at hitting headshots, then choose a gun like an LMG or sniper rifle that has great hip fire and high damage.

If you know that you can’t kill someone in one hit with any weapon except for the medic rifles, it might be better to stay away from those weapons since they have low ammo and can take time to reload.

3. Adjust your sensitivity in-game settings to make it easier for you to aim

If you have a high sensitivity, it will be harder for you to fine-tune your aim on some smaller targets. If this is the case, make sure your in-game sensitivity is at a lower setting so that you can get that precise shot when necessary. In short: Use a higher in-game sens if you want more room for error with less speed on targets further away from you, and use a lower in-game sens if you want better precision when aiming, which comes with needing more accuracy to adjust your aim small enough.

4. Use your thumb to aim

When using the WASD keys for movement, it might be best to use your pointer finger on your left hand for moving around and your middle finger for aiming with. If you can’t do this, that’s fine too, but try testing it out if you haven’t already! It can also help to remap some of the buttons depending on what works well for you. Here’s a battlefield 2042 aimbot used by pro players that can help improve your aim in Battlefield.

5. Using ADS-mode in combination with hipfire

If you’re struggling with getting headshots at mid-long range while using a high sensitivity, then make sure you use ADS mode when firing at longer ranges. You can even mix up running and gunning with this technique by hipfiring while strafing. This works because the ADS mode slows you down a little bit, giving you more stability, and the hipfire will let you have a higher chance of hitting an enemy that is close to you or moving differently.

6. Learn how to compensate for recoil

Once you have your aim somewhat decent, it’s time to learn some recoil compensation so that you can be able to clean up some of the harder shots. This is a technique where you try and counteract the recoil on your gun by adjusting your aim so that you land headshots or hit people in mid-air with certain firearms like grenades or even rockets. It can take a lot of practice, but it’s all about discipline and time.

Understanding how to compensate for recoil is crucial if you want to be competitive on the Battlefield 2042 leaderboards! 

7. Use the red dot sight on your weapon

If your current aim is decent, you can try using a different sight than what’s integrated in the gun. A good red dot or holographic sight like the holo or holo XT can help get more precise shots since they don’t obstruct your view too much and focus on where the bullets go when you shoot. If you’re playing Battlefield 2042 at higher sensitivities, then it might be better to use some form of open iron sights like irons or prismatic rather than closed-off scopes that block more of your screen.

8. Keep practicing!

Doesn’t matter how good you’re at the game. You’ll always face new challenges, so keep practicing. Getting good at aiming is a skill that takes time to develop, not something you can learn overnight or without effort. If you have enough determination and discipline, you will be able to take your aim further than what’s expected of players with your rank!

9. Learn some trigger control for more precise shots

Some games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive already support this technique, but if it doesn’t, don’t worry since there are plenty of other ways to practice how to use the different interactions with guns in Battlefield 2042 properly. Your aim will be so much better if you know how to maximize every shot while minimizing the recoil of each shot on your gun. Be precise while learning when it’s best to ADS or hip fire because that can help you get rid of flinching or another movement while firing. This takes lots of training and experience to learn optimally, so don’t worry if it doesn’t click right away!

10. Practice the different gun mechanics in Battlefield 2042

If you’re too lazy to aim properly because your better weapons are Gauss rifles or shotguns, then you might need to consider practicing how these guns work since their accuracy makes them difficult to use for beginners. The best way is to try out some different playstyles until you find something that suits you well enough to improve your aim without much effort on your end!

Use some of these tips to improve your aim in Battlefield 2042 and get on the BF5 leaderboards sooner than expected! Please feel free to comment below.

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10 Improve Your Aim In Battlefield 2042

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