10 Most Sought After Types of Jewelry


People have been decorating themselves with jewelry since the time of the memorial. Different pieces have had substantial cultural, religious, and economic value attached to them worldwide. Many kinds of jewelry work to enhance look in many unique ways.

Quality jewelry is a good investment. It is durable, never going out of style. It serves you for a lifetime, at times passing down for generations to come. Are you looking to buy quality jewelry?

Here are the top ten most sought-after jewelry types to buy now and wear forever. If you’re here for something with a slightly smaller price tag, make sure to consider these affordable jewelry brands. A great place to look for these is a local jewelry store because they can offer estate pieces at affordable prices.

Number One: The Cartier Tank Watch

Cartier tank watch was first introduced in 1919 and was named Tank after the armored vehicles that echoed across the battlefields of World War I. Its design (its shape was influenced by a bird’s eye view of the first tanks, which had tracks moving all around their bodies) has made sure a cult following ever since.

Its fans have included Yves Saint Laurent, Diana, Andy Warhol, Jackie Kennedy, Princess of Wales, and, more recently, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.

Number Two: The Tiffany & Co Open Heart Pendant

The innovative Italian designer Elsa Peretti joined Tiffany & Co. in 1974. However, the jewelry she designed for the house is so masterfully modern it still appears suitable and stylish almost half a century later.

Peretti’s fluid and sculptural pieces like the articulated Scorpion necklace appealed to a rising wave of bold and influential women like herself, including Catherine Deneuve, Sophia Loren, and Liza Minelli, who cherished them for being “so sensual, so sexy.”

One of the most recognizable and best-loved of Peretti’s designs is the Open Heart pendant: a sleek, streamlined heart with an open center that inspired the ’empty spaces’ of Henry Moore sculptures. It’s an interesting conversation starter and an iconic piece of design history in its own right.

Number Three: The Chanel Pearl Earrings

The Chanel pearl earrings are invested with elegance and poise. Pearls are the ideal way to add instant polish to any outfit like Coco Chanel once claimed that a lady “must-have ropes and ropes” on her.

In as much as her clothing was considered minimalist and sporty in its day, Chanel loved theatrical jewelry. She famously wore piles of costume pearls alongside strands of the real deal. Her style eventually made her fashion house interchangeable with the lustrous gem.

Pearl earrings are a bright way of bringing a touch of life and luminosity to your face. Chanel’s white gold and mother-of-pearl creations move closer with detachable cultured pearl drops, making them a transformable as well as a magnificent addition to any jewelry box.

Number Four: The Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra Necklace

Like a pattern with four overlapping circles or a lucky four-leaf clover, Van Cleef & Arpels’ Alhambra necklace was first launched in 1968, and it’s said to be named after the Alhambra Palace in Spain, which boasts iconic semi-circular archways.

The design is labeled an opera-length chain with 20 clover-shaped motifs, each enclosed with a gold beaded trim. It’s designed with colorful semi-precious gems, such as turquoise, malachite, coral, and lapis lazuli, introduced in the 1960s.

These days, the Alhambra is an instantly recognizable Van Cleef signature that is frequently refreshed with new stones and design twists, making sure it appeals to modern jewelry lovers and classic collectors alike. Take motivation from Hollywood Alhambra devotees, like Grace Kelly and Romy Schneider, and use it to add instant polish to any daytime look.

Number Five: The Bulgari Serpenti Watch

Lithe and sensual, the serpent has been the mark of the Italian jeweler Bulgari ever since it first became visible in the form of snake-like watches and bracelets in the 1940s

In the early Sixties, it started being famous when Elizabeth Taylor was pictured wearing Bulgari’s Serpenti watch on the set of Cleopatra, the movie for which she became the first actress to secure a million-dollar contract.

The Serpenti has been one iconic design ever since and can now be found creeping across a massive collection of Bulgari’s bags, jewelry, and watches. Its most new renewal is the Serpenti Spiga watch, which features a graphic diamond-set bracelet inspired by an archive design.

Number Six: The Boodles Diamond Tennis Bracelet

This Boodles diamond bracelet has been around since the 1920s, but its popularity started when tennis player Chris Evert wore one while ascending through the professional ranks in the 1970s.

The elegant simpleness of a row of diamonds is what makes this a fantastic piece that looks as chic with a cocktail outfit as it does with a tailored suit or a T-shirt and jeans.

Number Seven: The Piaget Cuff Bracelet

At first, it was a watchmaker, and its first goldsmithing workshops started in 1961. Since then, it has produced attractive, tactile, sensuous gold jewelry with ornamental hard stones like Lapis, malachite, and opal to supplement its stylish watches.

It’s inspired by the hues of the Mediterranean. Piaget’s assembled gold bangles show a touch of sunny warmth to anything you wear them with.

Number Eight: The Harry Winston Cluster Earrings

The American jeweler, Harry Winston, set up his house in 1932 and became famous for handling some of the world’s most prominent diamonds.

As the ‘prominent man of Diamonds,’ he was the first jeweler to borrow diamonds from a movie actress (Jennifer Jones, who was nominated for her role in the movie Songs of Bernadette) for the Academy Awards in 1944. Marylin Monroe even mentions him from the movie ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’ in her song’ Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend.’

The cluster remains a trademark of the jeweler, and fans love it for its sparkle, as seen with Jennifer Lopez, Charlize Theron, Margot Robbie, and Natalie Portman.

Number Nine: The Cartier Love Bracelet

The Love bangle is one of the most searched-for jewelry pieces on Google. It’s an iconic, easy-to-wear piece with an underlying romantic message.

It was created by Italian jewelry designer Aldo Cipulloin in 1969. It was intended as a ‘modern handcuff’ for both men and women, and its oval shape rests close to the skin as possible, and it is joined around your wrist with small screws to be a sign of permanent true love.

Over 50 years, the bracelet has been so popular that New York hospitals keep mini Love screwdrivers on hand if they need to remove bracelets from patients in an emergency.

Number Ten: The De Beers Diamond Stud Earrings

De Beers’ diamond studs, drop earrings, and hoops reveal the precise artistry of our craftspeople. Whether an understated or an intricate arrangement, each pair of diamonds is hand-selected and expertly matched to ensure harmonious balance in every design.

Final thoughts

I hope you appreciated discovering a little more about the most sought-after types of jewelry. Suppose you’re considering shopping for jewelry through auctions. In that case, you can be assured that you’ll get precious jewelry from valuable metals and gems, like gold, silver, platinum, and gem-studded jewelry from auction sites like Auctionwin.

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10 Most Sought After Types of Jewelry

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