10 Signs You Need Dental Work

Dental Work

Did you know that 26% of American adults struggle with tooth decay? About 46% of adults in the U.S. over the age of 30 have early signs of gum disease. 9% of the adult population deal with severe gum disease.

Tooth loss can occur when tooth decay and gum disease aren’t treated at the early stages by a dentist. Are you struggling with similar issues? This might be a sign that you need dental work.

Keep reading this guide to learn about some of the other signs that might require a visit to the dentist.

1. If You’re Experiencing Pain

Tooth pain is the first sign of a problem and can keep you from your day-to-day activities as well. If you don’t take care of the pain it’ll only get worse.

If you also notice swelling in the same area where you have pain, you most likely have an infection that’ll need dental treatment. Your dentist will give you an antibiotic that’ll help ease the pain and treat the infection before proceeding with the rest of the treatment.

2. You Have Gum Problems

Your gums are also one of the first ways you’ll know that you need to see a dentist. Gums that look inflamed or swollen need to be examined to determine what issue you’re having.

If your gums bleed when you brush and floss your teeth you need to make an appointment with your dentist so they can exam your mouth.

3. If You Notice White Spots

White spots on your teeth tend to indicate that you have a cavity. Cavities start small so getting to the dentist as soon as you notice these spots can decrease the amount of dental work you’ll need.

If you notice red or white patches in your mouth this is another sign that there’s a bigger issue that requires some work.

4. If You Get Into an Accident

If you get into an accident that injures your mouth you should visit a dentist. You should go to the emergency room to make sure you haven’t sustained any serious injuries first. Once you’re able to get to the dentist they’ll assess any damage to your teeth.

Most dental offices offer dental emergency work for these circumstances. You might be able to find a dentist that offers after-hours appointments for these types of emergencies.

5. Esthetic Issues

Visiting a dentist every six months is a requirement of taking care of your oral health but you might also need to see the dentist for esthetic reasons. If you have yellow teeth or are missing teeth you might feel embarrassed about it.

You shouldn’t have to live embarrassed by your smile. Same day dental implants are available if you don’t want to prolong how much time you have to wait to replace your missing teeth.

6. Tooth Sensitivity

You should consider going in for a dental exam if you’re having tooth sensitivity. If you never had this issue before this could be a sign of a cavity that’s getting worse.

Sensitivity to foods like desserts, hot, or cold meals should be addressed by a dentist. While it tends to be a sign of tooth decay the sensitivity could also be a result of other issues like grinding your teeth in your sleep.

7. Canker Sores That Don’t Go Away

Canker sores are small ulcers that develop on the inside of your lips, cheeks, and tongue. They can develop for a variety of reasons like stress, allergies to certain foods, or changes in your immune system.

These sores tend to go away on their own. If you notice that they aren’t clearing up after a week or if you notice more sores than before you should schedule an appointment with your dentist.

8. A Chronic Illness Might Require Dental Work

While oral care is important for everyone, it’s vital to take care of your teeth when you suffer from a chronic illness. Many illnesses can make you more susceptible to developing cavities, gum disease, and can lead to tooth loss.

If you suffer from diabetes, heart disease, HIV, or receive chemotherapy you should make your oral care a priority to prevent any serious dental issues from developing and prevent extensive dental work too. For example, you might need to get a root canal at the general dentist in concord.

9. Bad Breath

Bad breath can occur from time to time but if this issue isn’t resolving itself then you could be dealing with something more.

If you take care of your oral health by brushing three times a day and flossing every night and still aren’t able to defeat bad breath, you could be struggling with tooth decay you aren’t aware of.

Your dentist can examine your mouth and help you determine what issues you’re having.

10. Problems With Your Jaw

You should also get an oral exam if you’ve developed problems with your jaw. An over or underbite or jaw pain are all issues that can worsen if not treated early.

Jaw pain can cause headaches and that can make it difficult to get through each day. Your dentist will help you find the solution to this problem so that you can get back to your life.

Reasons for Getting Dental Work Explained

Many different signs indicate you need to get dental work. Tooth pain can be a sign of tooth decay and so can tooth sensitivity. Visiting the dentist right away can help prevent these issues from getting worse.

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10 Signs You Need Dental Work

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