1988 Dallas Cowboys Schedule

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It was extremely difficult to navigate the 1988 Dallas Cowboys schedule. The Cowboys finished the season at 7-8. They finished fifth in the NFC East despite finishing second. This was due to tiebreaking rules. Their schedule mainly featured strong teams from 1987. The Cowboys’ 1988 schedule largely reflected this fact. These are the games they will be playing this season:

In Week 15, the Cowboys beat Washington 24-17 in the rematch. This victory ended a nine-game winning streak and a 10-game winning streak. Washington, meanwhile, lost three straight to the Cowboys, including a 30-6 loss at Texas Stadium. In Week 12, Joe Gibbs’ team won 34-0. Jay Schroeder completed 16 of 31 passes for 325 yard and a touchdown. Washington won the second half, despite losing the first half.

The 1988 Dallas Cowboys had an overall disappointing season. They finished fifth in the National Football Conference’s East Division with a record of 3-13. They finished with a difference of -116 points, even though they didn’t make the playoffs. It’s easy to see how the team could have improved their season given their schedule. 4.8 wins and a five-win record could have been expected.

1988 Dallas Cowboys Schedule
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