1989 NFL Pro Set

The first two sets in the 1989 NFL Pro Set include Rookie Cards and Final Update cards. The Pro Set Prospects series includes players who were traded from another team since the beginning of the season. Flipper Anderson and Don Beebe are among the players featured in this Final Update set.

Ludwell Denny

The first NFL Pro Set was produced in 1989. The set featured Broncos quarterback Ludwell Dennisony. It was licensed to Ludwell Denny and designated “The Official NFL Card” for 13 year. These cards are valuable pieces of sports history, despite their limited print run. Here are some of the most sought-after 1989 NFL Pro Set cards.

The 1989 NFL Pro Set was a landmark issue. For nearly a quarter century, the industry had only been dominated by Topps and Fleer, so this set was an anomaly. Although it was a small part of the hobby’s sales, the set helped to spur the FB card boom of the 1990s. These cards are a crucial point in the history and evolution of sports collecting.

Barry Sanders, the 1988 Heisman Trophy winner, is another notable card in this series. Although the Detroit Lions didn’t win the Super Bowl, they did win four straight rushing titles. One of these rushing titles was for Barry Sanders, who came within a season of passing Walter Payton’s record. Besides being a great athlete, he also played for not-so-great teams.

Although a great deal of attention was paid to the football player’s rookie card, it’s still a valuable sports card. A complete set is about the same value as a single card in the 1989 NFL Pro Set. The 1989 NFL Pro Set Ludwell Denny card has a value of more than 100 dollars, at least in PSA 10. These cards can be purchased for as low as one dollar each if they are well-placed.

Lawrence Taylor

Many Lawrence Taylor collectors have Lawrence Taylor’s 1989 NFL Pro Set. The linebacker is considered to be the greatest defensive player in NFL history. He was the only NFL MVP and won two Super Bowls with the New York Giants. Taylor considered quitting at the end 1992 season, but decided to continue playing for Dan Reeves, his new head coach. He was a part of all 16 games in the 1993 campaign.

The card features Lawrence Taylor in the Giants colors and is well centered. The card also features great surface gloss and is centered nicely. This card would look great with any collection. This card is available in many formats, and can be bought at auctions on ebay. There are many Lawrence Taylor cards from his active life. Here are the top Lawrence Taylor 1989 NFL Pro Set cards available. Enjoy! You might be wondering where to find this card.

The great linebacker revolutionized the game of football. He was the second overall draft pick in 1981. He was the Giants’ defensive rookie of the year and helped them win two Super Bowls. He was inducted into Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1999. You can honor him by getting his 1989 NFL Pro Set. Get yours today!

Neon Deion

The 1989 NFL pro set features the gaudy and talented defender, Neon Deion Sanders. In the 90s, Sanders was a superstar in the NFL and in Major League Baseball. He was a star in the 1992 World Series, and is the only NFL player to have played in both the Super Bowl (and the World Series) in NFL history. Sanders was also known for his self-promotional skills and extravagant jewelry.

This set includes the Deion Sanders card. It is a stunning example of a rookie-focused NFL Card. The bright red border contrasts well with the white stripes and the green “No. 1 Pick” designation represents the Pro Sets’ first pick that year. As the second-highest draft pick in 1989, Sanders landed on a card from Score Football. It was highly sought-after because of its rookie class.

Sanders’ rookie card from 1989 is one of the most popular in football history. It features the Atlanta Falcons’ iconic player. Its geometric design and square orange border are the hallmark of a classic 80s sports card. It features Deion’s most famous plays, one of many popular cards from this era. There are also two cards from Topps Traded that feature Sanders.

The 1989 rookie card is a high-priced example. He was the NFL’s leading sacks leader in 1990 and amassed 126.5 before retiring in 2000. The 1990 Pro Set also features a legendary running back, Jimmy Carter. Although he spent the majority of his career as a backup to Jerry Rice, Carter managed to rack up over a thousand yards with a league-leading 130 touchdowns.

Barry Levy

A 1993 Barry Levy 1989 NFL Pro Set is a must have for football fans. This set was the first full set of football cards released by Pro Set, and included a full checklist of players. The series was printed in team order, with rookies as the main focus. This set featured a variety of rookies including Ernest Byner and Gerald Riggs as well as Gizmo Williams and many others.

The design and photography of this football set were extremely crisp for their time. Denny saw Pro Set as the first “live”, which meant it would be constantly updated. This included stopping presses to add or correct cards. The 1989 Pro Set football cards were an iconic moment in the hobby’s history. This set was the first to incorporate crisp photography. This set was a huge success, which led to the FB card boom of the 1990s.

Another notable card in the 1989 NFL Pro Set is the rookie card of Barry Sanders. The 1989 set included three rookie cards from the star. The 1989 Pro Set also contained a 20-card Final Update Factory Set that sold for about $5. It also included two rookie cards from Mike Lansford and Jesse Solomon. These rookie cards were not issued by the NFL. The 1989 football cards were rare but worth collecting.

Pete Rozelle

For football fans, the 1991 Pete Rozelle 1989 NFL Pro Set is a must-have. This deluxe edition of the legendary rookie contains everything you could ever want in a player. With the 1990-91 season already under way, this set will serve as a reminder of his career and accomplishments. It includes his career highlights as well as the best players from that year. This set captures the essence of his playing style.

After serving in the Navy between 1944 and 1948, Rozelle started his career as an assistant sports public relations director for the Los Angeles Rams. After a memorable win in the 1949 collegiate basketball tourney, Rozelle was promoted to the position of team’s public relations chief. Rozelle later attended the University of San Francisco, where he was its assistant athletic director. He was soon appointed the Rams’ publicity director and helped to build the American professional soccer league.

There are many ways to purchase the first-edition set from the ’89 NFL Pro Set. The majority of the cards in this set are only a few dollars. However, some packs can be found at hobby shops for under a dollar each. There are also sheets occasionally available. These contain one-fourth the William Perry pack and 100 Pete Rozelle cards. Make sure you check the back of your 1989 NFL Pro Set box before you buy.

Andre Rison

The 1989 NFL Pro Set features the legendary Indianapolis Colts runningback. The card is well centered and features bright colors. This card would be a great addition for any sports card collection. Andre Rison was also a member of the Atlanta Falcons and the Indianapolis Colts. This card is a great option if you are looking to add Rison to your collection.

This card is unique in the history NFL Pro Set. Rison was a wide receiver for many teams and was named the “Greatest Football card nobody talks about”. John Taylor was not meant to be on this card. It was later omitted. As a result, this card is a popular error. A player’s belt appears to be unclipped on this card. The card was eventually reissued with the belt clipped.

1989 NFL Pro Set
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