1989 Pittsburgh Steelers

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The 1989 Pittsburgh Steelers were a memorable team. Coached by Hall of Famer Chuck Noll, this team won four Super Bowls. Despite missing the postseason for four years, they fought their way into the postseason and played well once there. Only two players made the Pro Bowl, but the young team was a contender. Here are some of the most memorable moments from the team. The 1989 Steelers ranked 15th in defense and 24th in points scored.

The 1989 season opened with a rebuilding effort. The Steelers were a team that had many young players. They released center Mike Webster, and inexperience showed during the Steelers’ season-opening loss to the Cleveland Browns. The Steelers lost a 41-10 defeat to the Cincinnati Bengals a week later. They beat the New York Jets in their next game, but with help from many other teams.

After a disappointing season, the Steelers finished the season with nine wins and seven losses. They scored 265 and gave up 326 points. The team’s ground attack was led by Merril Hoge and Tim Worley, running backs. Bubby Brister threw for 2,377 yard, while wide receiver Derek Hill recieved 50 passes for 944 yard. The receiving team was completed by Rodney Carter and safety Carnell Lake. With 42 turnovers, the ball-hawking defense was the most dominant. Greg Lloyd sacked opposing quarterbacks as well as forced several others to throw.

The 1989 Pittsburgh Steelers were a memorable team. In the first round, the Steelers defeated the Houston Oilers. The Steelers were able stop the Oilers’ drive to the red zone with a game-tying field goal from Gary Anderson at regulation’s end. Then, the Steelers almost pulled off a major upset by nearly losing 24-24 to the Denver Broncos at Mile High Stadium.

The playoffs’ first game was a must-win. The Steelers were a favorite to win and a victory over the Houston Oilers would add to their legend. However, the team’s defense needed a boost and a shaky run game, which they did. The Steelers also performed well in a number of other games, including wins against the New York Jets and New England Patriots as well as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Steelers became confident in their running attack towards the end of the season. Tim Worley rushed for 93 yards in four games and added another 60 on swing/screen passes. The Steelers won the Wild-card round with the Oilers, which was also a success. They had a strong running game, but didn’t have much depth at the defensive line. That left them vulnerable against opposing quarterbacks.

1989 Pittsburgh Steelers
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