20th Birthday Gift Ideas

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Parents, grandparents and relatives, all over the world, love to browse the pages of their treasured baby photo albums to relive happy memories, and to marvel at how fast children have grown. In what may seem like the blink on an eye, the cute and adorable infant cooing in an array of cheeky poses for the camera is about to turn 20 years of age!

While the 20th year may not universally be as much cause for celebration as the milestone 21, it’s still an important birthday to capture in photographs and to proudly display in photo frames and albums.

If you know someone that’s about to celebrate leaving behind their formative teenage days, but you’re lacking in gift inspiration, check out our great 20th birthday present ideas…

Cool Gifts For Sons

It can be tricky to find the perfect gift for a guy at the best of times, regardless of their age. Even though you can certainly save yourself time, energy and a headache by simply asking your 19 year-old son what he would most like as a present on his 20th birthday, it’s definitely worthwhile putting in the effort to surprise him.

Like most people, your son is likely to have at least a few things floating around his mind that he’d love to purchase and own. Some people even take the time to create a birthday wish list that they add to whenever they see something that’s greatly appealing. If your son has an Amazon wish list, or something similar, you can take note of the top item and secretly buy it as his 20th birthday gift.

Alternatively, make yourself a cup of tea and spend some quality me-time browsing your baby photo albums… Think about your son’s likes and dislikes, and his interests and hobbies throughout the years. If he’s always been into gadgets and tech, spoil him with customisable fit, active noise cancelling airpods. The sweat and water-resistant Apple Airpods Pro is the ultimate gift for anyone who spends a lot of time on their mobile device. They’re great for tuning into music playlists and listening to favourite podcasts on the go.

Encourage good grooming habits by gifting your son a cool modular personal care system, like the Panasonic Multishape. The customisable grooming system features a host of attachments that take care of a variety of personal needs, including hair, beard and body hair trimming and shaving, and dental hygiene.

A complete survival gear and equipment kit is an excellent 20th birthday gift for a young man who has the spirit of adventure. Fuel his passion with a practical kit that contains a flashlight, a tactical pen, a personal alarm, a multi-function spoon, and a plethora of indispensable military quality tools. The handy gadget is ideal for camping, hiking, and exploring the great outdoors.

Classy Gifts For Daughters

If you haven’t been keeping handwritten or digital notes of all of the things that your daughter has dropped subtle wish list hints about, you may need to recall conversations to jog your memory. Consider her interests and hobbies, to help you find the perfect something that aligns with her passions and desires.

Any fashion conscious young lady will be absolutely delighted to receive a stylish and trendy LBD on her 20th birthday. It’s worth doing a little research to ensure that you pick a style that suits her body shape and size, and little black dress designer preferences. You can ask her best friend for some style tips, or check out the latest fashion trends featured in the glossy magazines that she loves to read.

Gifting someone a piece of stunning handmade jewellery shows how much to care. Before you decide whether to buy a beautiful bracelet, necklace or earrings, it’s crucial to figure out if your daughter is a silver, gold or rose gold person. Most people have a preference for one precious metal over the other, as it best complements their skin and hair colour.

If you’re unsure which precious metal to choose, you can always opt for jewellery that is handmade from eco-friendly recycled metal. Ethical jewellery is highly desirable right now, so you will easily be able to find stylish and contemporary designs that suit your daughter’s fashion sensibilities and your 20th birthday present budget.

The 20th birthday spa gift box contains an assortment of pampering beauty products that are 100% natural and eco-friendly. You can purchase this pampering selection as a ready-made gift, or create your own hamper that includes your daughter’s brand preference products.

Great Gifts For Other Twenty-Somethings

If your well-thumbed baby photo albums also feature photographs of happy, smiling nephews and nieces, you’ll probably be expected to buy them a present on their birthday.

To be able to update favourite snaps in your baby photo albums, you’ll need to gift a nephew or niece a professional quality selfie ring light live stream kit. The practical universally compatible gadget clips on to a smartphone for instant posed shots that are Insta-worthy.

If you’re a godparent to a soon to be 20 year-old, it’s your duty to honour their birthday with a token of your love and support. Surprise them with a stylish mini brag book photo album that holds up to 52 snaps. You can start the collection off by adding a few images that you’ve curated from their parents’ baby photo albums, or gift the brag book completely empty.

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20th Birthday Gift Ideas

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