3 Alternative Travel Ideas for Touring California

Travel Ideas for Touring California

Each visit to California introduces you to new and exciting spots. As you plan your next trip, think about how you will tour once you arrive. Depending on how you travel, you can see new and unique spots. Follow this guide for three alternative travel ideas to help you explore more.

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By Motorcycle

There are hundreds of thousands of roads in California. Take advantage of these roads and book a Harley Davidson rental California. Start your trip by making your way to Sequoia National Park. As you ride beneath the branches of this historical forest, be sure to take breaks and go hiking. Alternatively, you can visit the Griffith Observatory to see the views of Los Angeles, from Hollywood to the sea. Don’t forget to enjoy some of the hidden dining gems along the road.

By Train

The California Pacific Coast Highway is famous for its scenic ocean views. However, if you are looking to take in more of these views without the stress of driving, consider booking a train to help you as you travel the state. Be sure to take advantage of the wine train in Napa Valley, to let you enjoy the wine while soaking up some of the scenic beauty of Napa. Book ahead so that you can enjoy all this great state has to offer.

By Air

Perhaps the best way to see California is by air. Whether you want to take a plane, helicopter or hot air balloon, there are plenty of options to help you as you plan your trip. When booking your air tour, be sure to consider the time of day for the best views. If you are trying to visit between San Francisco and Los Angeles, you can reserve a private plane to help you get there quickly and easily.

However you travel, you’re going to have an incredible vacation.

3 Alternative Travel Ideas for Touring California

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