5 Important Home-Maintenance Tasks Frequently Overlooked

Home Maintenance Tasks

Homeownership is a dream for many people, but it also comes with the responsibility of keeping everything in tip-top shape. There are many projects that need your attention around the house, but these are the five important home-maintenance tasks that are often overlooked.

Cleaning the Dryer Duct

Over time, the dryer vent can become clogged with lint, preventing proper ventilation. Without airflow, your clothes will take longer to dry. More serious problems that arise include mold buildup and increased fire risk. Clean the lint filter after every load and vacuum out the dryer duct at least once per year.

Cleaning Refrigerator Coils

A clean refrigerator is an efficient refrigerator, so make sure you’re cleaning the coils annually. This is also a good time to remove food crumbs or other debris that have made their way under the appliance.

Flushing the Water Heater

Mineral buildup inside the water heater tank can lead to inefficient heating and eventually decreased capacity. Drain the tank completely once or twice a year to flush out any sediment that has collected.

Replacing HVAC Filters

Many heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning systems are year-round workhorses for homes. If you have both forced air heating as well as air conditioning, change the filters in your HVAC system twice per year. This will ensure both clean air in the home and the system’s efficient operation.

Servicing Yard Equipment

Utilize repair services Coral Springs FL to tune-up and maintain small motors in your yard equipment, such as lawnmowers, leaf blowers, and snow blowers. This important task is frequently forgotten until something goes wrong, and the first snowfall is not the time to think of it. Before putting away equipment for the season, make sure it’s had the proper attention.

Home maintenance can seem daunting with a perpetually long to-do list, but it is rewarding to know that everything in your home is working properly. Knowing the tasks people often forget will help you to never miss them.

5 Important Home-Maintenance Tasks Frequently Overlooked

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