3 Tips on Renewing Your Conceal Carry License in Illinois

The ability to take a concealed carry weapon with you within the state of Illinois is fairly recent. As a result, it might be easy to overlook the need to renew it after five years. However, it is important to do so to keep doing so legally. Consider following these tips to make the Illinois CCW renewal process problem-free.

1. Avoid License Expiration

As mentioned, a concealed carry permit in Illinois lasts for five years after it has been issued. After that, it will expire and you need to go through the process of obtaining it all over again. This will include completing 16 hours in lessons, which can take a while before you obtain it. Avoid these issues by renewing the permit before reaching the expiration date. Doing so guarantees a faster and easier process.

2. Enroll in a Reliable Class

One of the major requirements for renewing the CCW permit is completing the three-hour renewal class. There are several qualified instructors who can help you learn the most important information. Ensure that their credentials are not revoked and that they have a strong community reputation. Their courses should consist of two hours of classroom learning and one hour of shooting gallery practice. They should teach you about basics such as draw, maintenance and transportation, as well as some useful techniques. Finally, you should learn about the latest Illinois compliance laws and regulations.

3. Bring Everything You Need

Beyond the certificate of class completion, there are other items you should prepare before submitting a renewal application. The fee for the five-year license is $150, plus an extra $4 if you are using your credit card to pay. You also need a recent photo of yourself (from the last 30 days) and your username and password to log into the Illinois State Police website if doing it electronically.

Renewing your CCW permit helps you stay compliant and keep your gun with minimal hassle. Follow these practices to ensure the process is done properly.

3 Tips on Renewing Your Conceal Carry License in Illinois

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