4 Ways To Look and Feel Happier

Feel Happier

Did you know that looking and feeling happier go hand in hand? It might not seem obvious at first, but if you observe others carefully, you’ll probably notice a correlation between habits and mood. Want to keep it simple? Read on for several things you can do to look and feel happier without spending a thing.

1. Facial Expression

Project a pleasant demeanor with a relaxed, open facial expression. It might help to think of a person you love and trust, or a treasured memory. This will ease tension in your facial muscles and give you a slight smile that’s not artificial. Be aware of habitual frowning or squinting. Need some help to maintain a relaxed expression? Do a search using terms such as Botox Cosmetic Princeton NJ to find a professional who can help you.

2. Posture

Your posture is an important part of the impression you make on others and a powerful cue to your brain. An upright, well-aligned posture communicates ease and authority. It also increases oxygen flow to the body and brain, keeping you alert and calm. Good posture is a byproduct of regular exercise and strong core muscles.

3. Breathing

Speaking of oxygen flow, pay attention to your breath patterns. Slowing and regulating your breath brings many benefits, including increased mindfulness and a reversal of the fight-or-flight response. Regulating your breath can be as simple as resting your hand on your abdomen and breathing in and out on a count of four.

4. Movement

Feeling sluggish? A quick walk around the block will improve your circulation and move feel-good chemicals throughout your body. Try to get some outdoor movement as early in the day as possible.

Looking and feeling happier is within your reach if you make a few simple adjustments. Try these suggestions to give yourself a lift.

4 Ways To Look and Feel Happier

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