Ways to Improve Your Web Design

Ways to Improve Your Web Design

Your website is an important component of your business. When it is set up well and has high-quality content in place, you will find that it is possible to bring in the customers that you need and see a good return on investment. 

Web design can be hard to accomplish. There are so many components that come together to make good web design and having the right skills and knowledge will be imperative here. Some of the ways that a professional web design agency will use to improve your web design include:

Have a Plan

Once you have recognized that your website will need some improvements, it is time for you to make a plan on how you will tackle some of the work. If you just jump into the website and assume that you can make decisions on the fly, you will be disappointed by some of the end results that you get. 

Think first about how the user is going to navigate around the website. Think about why your customer comes to the website. Then think about the path they will likely take to get through the website or what content they will read. When you can understand all of this, it is easier to design a site that can turn into a sales funnel. 

Write Good Content

The first thing that is likely to bring the customers into your website is the content that you provide. Your customers may be searching for information or an answer to their question. If you have written good content with the right keywords, you will be able to bring them to your website. This content may also be able to turn them into a paying customer too.

There are a few rules that you should follow when creating the good content that your website needs. These steps include:

  • Do not keyword stuff. While it is possible to add keywords to help with SEO, it can’t be keyword stuffing. This will lower your ranking. 
  • The content needs to provide value to the customers. 
  • Make sure to have good headings. This makes it easier for search engines to find you and rank you high and helps the customer look through the information and find what they want. 
  • Use meta titles and tags to help with the search too. 
  • Keep the paragraphs short and sweet. This makes it easier to read. 

There isn’t really an article length that is best for SEO purposes. If you can answer the questions that are necessary without keyword stuffing, then that is the right length for the content. 

Pick the Right Images and Videos

Pick the Right Images and Videos

In addition to good content, you need to add in the right images and videos to enhance the content. These images can help to split up some of the large chunks of text and in some cases, such as with charts and graphs, they are going to help you to get the information across to the visitor better than before. 

Be careful with the images and the videos that you decide to use. Low-quality images are going to hurt your SEO ranking and will not provide value to the customer. Think of the images that your visitors would actually like to see or what will fit with the data that you present on the page and then find the best quality images possible. 

Videos can be a great addition to your content, but you have to carefully choose or create the videos that you would like. In some cases, it may make sense to create your own videos. In others, it may make more sense to use one from another source that will help explain the information too. 

Make it Mobile Friendly

Make it Mobile Friendly

No matter what else you do with your website, make sure that the end result is mobile friendly. Many of the visitors who make their way to your page will get there based on a mobile device search. If they get to your website and it takes forever to load, the text is too chunky, or the website doesn’t even work, they will leave and it will hurt your SEO. 

Some of the things that you can do to improve how well your website works on a mobile device includes:

  • Pick a template for the website that is mobile friendly. 
  • Do not make the images too large that it slows the loading time. 
  • Keep the information in smaller chunks that are easier to read on a small phone screen. 
  • Make the buttons big enough to click with fingers instead of the mouse. 
  • Keep videos and other moving parts to a minimum. 

Make sure to test the website on several systems and several devices to ensure that it will work the way that you expect and your customers can find you. 

Keep the Navigation Simple

The navigation of your page needs to be as simple as possible. If the visitor has to spend a lot of time looking around to even find the information that they need, then they will not be happy and may decide to go with one of your competitors. This can harm the SEO and will not help. you get the customers that you want. 

Set up your website in a manner that will make sense to someone who is going to visit you. What would be the first thing they would want to do when they get to the website. Many companies solve the navigation problem with a bar at the top or on the side of the screen that the visitor can click on. Pick a unique option that works for your website. 

Improving Your Web Design

When it comes to improving your website, you need to consider all of the different angles to ensure that your website is going to work the way that you want and that it will provide value to your customers. Take a look at some of the tips above to see how you can make big improvements in your web design.

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Ways to Improve Your Web Design

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