5 Reasons To Wear Zinc-Infused Clothing

5 Reasons To Wear Zinc-Infused Clothing

Clothing and style trans change frequently. It’s difficult to stay on top of its constantly fluctuating trends, but there are some types of fashion ideas that make a significant difference in the way apparel is manufactured and used. One of these is using zinc ions to create a more durable and better type of garment. These ions, also known as zinc oxide are a special coating placed on the textiles to create a better material. Although you may not have heard of it, it’s commonly used today to create strong and antimicrobial clothing. Whether you’re just hearing about it for the first time or you’ve used this type of clothing yourself, here are five reasons to wear this type of clothing today. 

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Nothing is worse than stuffy clothing that’s uncomfortable, itchy, or non-breathable. Breathable clothing is essential for most activities because it cuts back on sweating and increases comfort. After all, comfort is one of the reasons we wear certain types of clothing, outside of protection from the elements and style. Breathable clothes are also moisture-wicking, which can be a godsend during certain times of the year and in certain environments. Breathable clothes use the body’s natural cooling systems to function similarly to an evaporative cooler (evaporating moisture from the skin to generate a cooling effect). This makes them ideal for all sorts of different weather and uses.


Antimicrobial clothing is made from better-quality materials and coated with zinc ions. That means it’s going to last a long time and be much more resistant to tearing. Nobody wants to deal with a shirt or pair of pants that tears over a few uses. Durability is essential for any high-quality clothing. With zinc-infused clothes, you get the protection of the clothing, the durability of the coding, and a little extra protection from the sun. The zinc oxide also helps keep the clothing from attracting microbes. Ultimately, that makes antimicrobial textiles a good choice for the discerning consumer who desires high-quality, durable clothing that serves its purpose well.


The FDA maintains a “Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS)” list that puts zinc ions—or zinc oxide—on the list. Clothing made with this material is safe to use and doesn’t contain chemicals or VOCs (volatile organic compounds) like formaldehyde. Soft and comfortable clothing also makes a big difference when it comes to safety. When you choose to buy new clothes, safety should always factor into your selection. Knowing there aren’t any dangerous chemicals in your clothes should provide peace of mind and a good product to use for as long as it lasts. Better yet, zinc ion coating doesn’t wash off, so your clothes will stay high quality for a long time.

No Odor

As you go through your day, you’ll likely sweat. Active people who exercise regularly and move around a lot tend to sweat more. That sweat permeates their clothing, which then comes into contact with the bacteria on their skin to cause an unpleasant body odor. The more you sweat, the more likely you’ll find that your clothes take on an odor. This can be frustrating, not to mention making others around you avoid you like the plague. Having a body odor is never a good thing. No one wants to smell. Fortunately, antimicrobial clothing can help with this issue. Because of the zinc oxide coating, less sweat comes into contact with the clothing on your skin. That and cut back on potential body odor. Furthermore, people are more likely to purchase odor-free or anti-odor clothing simply because it makes for a better experience. Less odor means fewer cleanings, clothes that don’t look or smell bad, and more comfortable knowing that a little bit of sweat isn’t going to ruin your day (and the days of those around you).

They Last

5 Reasons To Wear Zinc-Infused Clothing

At the end of the day, you want clothing that will last a long time and serve you well. Fortunately, coated clothing with antimicrobial covering can last a long time. They’re subject to the same wear and tear as other types of clothing, but the zinc oxide helps them stay resilient over time. The protection lasts throughout the entire life cycle of the piece of clothing, whether it’s a shirt, pants, or something else. Buying clothing that lasts is a worthwhile investment and can truly make a difference in regard to your wardrobe.

5 Reasons To Wear Zinc-Infused Clothing

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