3 Different Ways To Practice Law

Differences Between Attorney and Lawyer

As you work your way through law school, you may realize that there isn’t just a single way to practice law. The legal code is large and complex, and most lawyers choose to practice in a specific field of the law. Having a specific practice can help you narrow your focus and offer quality services in a niche set of circumstances. Without specificity, you may aim too high or try to take on too much at once, resulting in poorer client outcomes and even burnout. These areas of law might be good places to start your search once you’ve finished school.

1. Family Law

Family lawyers perform many different kinds of services. The location or environment you are in can dictate what kind of work you’ll be doing. Your interests may also change your practice. You might find success as a Knoxville divorce lawyer, or you may fit in better as a Los Angeles domestic violence attorney.

Some family lawyers choose a very specific part of family law to practice, like adoption or divorce, while others offer a broader range of services. In such a personal field, it can be useful to think of what’s important to you and what you want to help your clients achieve.

2. Personal Injury Lawyer

You may recognize personal injury lawyers from their flashy billboards and commercials in major metro areas. Not all personal injury lawyers build a brand on their personality, though, and many practice more simply or quietly. Some lawyers focus on litigating civil suits, while others are more dedicated to pursuing medical malpractice cases. This field can lead to you getting big payouts for clients while earning yourself acclaim in the process. You may also settle for smaller, but still justified, settlements for the people you work for.

3. Environmental Lawyer

If you feel strongly about a particular cause or topic, it may be a sign to consider practicing law in that area. One such example is going into environmental law. Environmental lawyers can work with people, businesses and even the government to keep them in compliance with the Environmental Protection Act and other relevant legislation and regulations. You may also litigate against individuals or businesses that have already violated regulations. This work can help you feel like you’re making a difference for people around you and for the planet as a whole.

These three types of law practices represent only a small fraction of the many kinds of work lawyers do every day. To figure out which law practice best fits you, it can be important to do research. Different factors may influence your decision, including where you want to live, where you want to end up in your career and what you think is important or morally right. After you leave school, you will most likely find a kind of law to practice that aligns with your needs and wants. Until then, it can be helpful to study the law broadly and consider what about it most appeals to you.

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3 Different Ways To Practice Law

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