5 Things You Need to Know About the Construction Industry


The vast and expansive construction sector has evolved dramatically over the years. This industry will keep growing and innovating faster than ever.

Moreover, we already know that the building and construction sector has expanded since the pyramids, reaching new heights of GDP for the entire industry. Ever since the steam engine, the world has come a long way.

Today,  using cutting-edge technology like drones, robots, and other forms of technology to complete day-to-day tasks on-site and even at the back end of projects have become common. And it’s not just technology; the entire face of construction is changing. With more and more usage of technologies in the least digitized sector, the whole terminology has changed dynamically.

Many people, including those working in the construction business, still don’t know much about building and construction as a whole. So here are the five most fascinating construction facts to help you better understand the sector and its background.

1. History of Concrete Material

Some of the most well-known buildings in the world were built with concrete, even back then. The earliest civilizations invented unique concrete, a mixture of lime, seawater, and volcanic ash.

The famous Hoover Dam, created with more than 3.25 cubic yards of concrete and spectacular cofferdams, was the most considerable concrete construction ever at the time it was constructed.

The demand for concrete experts and equipment has increased ever since and extends in the modern era with the revival of the construction industry.

2. Revolution of Construction Transportation

The construction industry, industrialization, and modernization have grown hand in hand.  And if we talk about the steam engine acceleration, it has played a significant role in the transportation of construction material in its initial stage. So, the transportation of construction materials and the entire industry has changed with time and technology. With the aid of steam-powered locomotives, it made transportation more accessible.

Also, due to their dependability, ease of maintenance, and speed, better engines eventually replaced them. However, technology and the innovative development of machines over time have provided the foundation for the effectiveness and adaptability of construction transportation.

3. Young Guns and Construction Industry

Data from the U.S. Census shows a meager rate of workers younger than 24 entering the industry in the past decade.

If we mainly talk about the young guns of America, there is a thought process running in their mind that the construction industry jobs aren’t well paid for the current times, making them the most unstable sector. However, this isn’t the case, and the construction industry has been defined as one of the globally leading and growing sectors.

4. Women and Construction Industry

History is evident that women have been working in the construction industry long before technology and AI were introduced. According to the account, between the world war years from 1940 and 1945, female labor saw an evident hike. The after-effects of war made them keep their occupations after the war. This did not only open new doors for the unemployed but kept their homes running.

5. Men to Women Ratio in the Sector

Since most women in the industry work in office-like environments, there are even fewer women on job sites despite making up 10.9 percent of the workforce. Only 2% of all working women are employed in the construction sector, even though women make up roughly 47% of the workforce.

Many businesses want to hire more women in the construction sector but have overcome some of the industry’s obstacles. Fortunately, many succeed in the field and are motivated by their managers.

In the past 3-4 years, nearly one in three construction firms elevated a woman to a senior position. Women-owned construction sites increased by about 94% between 2007 and 2018. Women are anticipated to make up 25% of the construction workforce by 2020.

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5 Things You Need to Know About the Construction Industry

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