5 Tricks To Have A Natural Makeup Look

Permanent Makeup

It’s all advantages when it comes to a nude make-up: it’s versatile, it doesn’t require much time, and it will make you feel all the more secure and adequate. Getting it right is not as simple as putting little makeup on, however. In fact, the best ‘natural makeup’ look requires paying a great deal of attention to details. Do you want to know how to master natural and luminous makeup?

The 5 Steps to the ‘No Make-Up Make-Up’

You can use it in formal occasions, in the office, on a night out… the nude makeup is versatile at its best. It offers a clean look, makes you shine with your own light and allows for a lot of experimentation with different lights and shades, color intensity and volume. Let’s get down into the 5 steps to makeup like you don’t wear makeup.

Get That Pretty Face Ready

Can you think of a painter that would start working on a painted canvas? It could be a total disaster, right? The same thing happens with makeup. The first step is to get clean and ready for what’s about to happen, so make sure you wash and hydrate your skin to let your face breathe. Your face must be an empty canvas! We advise you to use a very light smoothener, get rid of all the sweat makeup from the prior day and don’t forget to use hydrating cream! It will render the final result much better. 

Foundation for the Occasion

A natural makeup look is best accomplished by using a foundation that resembles your natural skin color as much as possible. If you use darker tones you will look more tanned, but the result will also be more artificial. We have nothing against that, but it certainly won’t look natural.

Or second advice is to use a product with a very light texture. Make sure you go drop by drop and extend foundation over your skin with slight touches, you don’t want to overuse it and achieve an unnatural result. Be patient and let your warm skin melt the product to render the classic ‘natural makeup’ effect all the more real.

We Want to See Your Eyes

Eyes are absolutely essential to our faces and the impressions we cause on other people. Their effect is greatly augmented by focusing on these 3 main areas:


To achieve a natural look, start by combing your eyebrows and filling in the little gaps to achieve a full, intense look while looking entirely makeup-free.


The trick here is to leave the lower eyelashes untouched and to take care of the upper ones only. Use lighter shades of brown if you have light hair or black tones if your hair is darker. Only one layer is OK. Alternatively, you can apply eyelash extensions for a chic look. Applying eyelash extensions at home offers multiple benefits, from saving time to enjoying a self-care day. You have the flexibility to apply them within minutes, at your convenience. It can also be cost-effective and empowering, allowing you to customize your look and feel accomplished.


You may want to break the rules a little bit here and play a bit with the eyeliner to give a stronger intensity to your stare, or you might want to keep it fully natural and use a very thin eyeliner .

Lips to Kiss and Kill For

Here comes the part we’ve all been waiting for. As you know, the final makeup touch always goes down to the lips. We want to keep it natural, so you want to go for nude lipsticks that look as similar as possible to your lip type and color. You may want to go for a creamy texture that will give you some extra volume. It will also soften your lips deliciously!

Facial Aesthetics

Nothing screams out ‘natural’ and ‘pretty’ like a wrinkleless face. On a regular basis, make sure you use the right creams and products for your skin type (consult your dermatologist!), adding the occasional botox sprinkle. If this is not enough for you, you may want to consider aesthetic surgery. The question how much does a facelift cost in Turkey has recently become very popular among internet users. This is due to great medical standards. The Mediterranean country also affords very affordable prices, so you might want to give it a thought! 

Don’t Let Makeup Turn Off Laughter

Remember, you will come across as fully natural if you are truly yourself and happy with who you are. If you want to go for the ‘no makeup makeup’, chances are this is who you are anyways: a natural, beautiful soul; so just express yourself freely, haters gonna love!

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5 Tricks To Have A Natural Makeup Look

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