7 Men’s Shoe Rules To Live By: Useful Shoes Styling Tips That Will Keep You Looking Good

Men's Shoe Rules To Live By

Men’s shoes are available under various brand names, contain different footwear technology, and can be found in comprehensive collections. Men’s shoes are the most overwhelming wardrobe essentials, especially men’s stylish shoes. Obviously, you do not want to compromise on comfort, and why should you? Many footwear brands have come up with a wide range of men’s shoes to take care of your comfort and style in the same pair. The only concern now is to style those shoes as casually and quickly as possible so your men’s shoes can help you up your game regarding shoe trends. Below are a few quick shoe styling tips that keep you looking good and living comfortably.

1. Monochrome Always Wins

The easiest and quickest style tip is “monochrome it up”. Pair your black cuffed jeans with a black graphic t-shirt, black socks, black men’s shoes with a suede leather upper, black men’s cap, and a black bomber jacket. Take this casual black monochrome outfit to a semi-formal workplace, on a day out with friends, or for a breezy night out on the town. It will help you blend in and yet stand out in a crowd. Similarly, a white or neutral monochrome outfit will add to the peacefulness of your morning run or yoga class. A monochromatic outfit is the easiest to put together since you have to style the same colour, and yet the most stylish since it is a staple for the Generation Hustle.

2. Classics and Neutrals are Soulmates

Generally, black and white are considered neutral and classic colours, while beige, grey, navy blue, dark olive green, etc., are considered neutral colours. Black and navy blue may not be the best fit, but they can still be paired under various circumstances. For example, pair your black joggers with a grey t-shirt and white men’s bomber jacket. Add a pair of navy blue men’s shoes with white and black accents, and watch all these (conventionally) drab colours give you a perfectly neutral yet stylish outfit.

3. Keep it Simple

Simplicity is the key in various life circumstances. And the same is true when it comes to styling men’s shoes. Keep it simple as much as you can. For example, pair your white running shorts with a yellow t-shirt, a white running jacket with reflective tec design elements, and yellow football shoes for a friendly game on the neighbourhood football field. Add a pair of white compression socks to enhance your look and comfort while playing. You could also pair your simple dark blue jeans with an all-over print t-shirt, black high-top men’s sneakers, and a lightweight, padded men’s jacket for your vacation in a colder region. Accessorise with a men’s winter hat and a waist bag to move around more comfortably.

4. Do Not Shy Away From Bold

Classic and neutral colours have timelessly been men’s favourite colours. Still, with the rise in social media fashion influencers, men are as excited to step out of their regular styling routines as women. Men look fantastic in bold reds, bright yellows, and multi-coloured combinations of various colours. So, do not shy away from a bold pair of comfy red men’s shoes when looking for the right pair. Break your black or neutral monochromatic look with a bright and bold red pair of men’s shoes. Or put on your most colourful outfit and balance that with a pair of grey shoes. However, you could also add to the brightness of your vibrant outfit with vibrant shoes and turn heads anywhere you go.

5. Maintenance is Trendy

Only new is not stylish and comfortable; old can be too, but you must maintain it properly. Please make sure that you wash and dry your men’s shoes as per the instructions provided by the brand. It is best to maintain them as you go, so wiping them down with a wet cloth would suffice for the most part. However, if you get them quite dirty, make sure to hand wash them or put them in any garment bag before tossing them in the washing machine. Also, ensure that your shoes are machine wash-safe. Additionally, avoid wringing out your shoes; gently bring them back to their original shape before laying them out to dry.

6. Athleisure is the New Elite

Comfortable is the new stylish, and athleisure brands love this new mantra! Feel relaxed and look relaxed wearing your wardrobe essentials when it comes to men’s shoes. For example, men’s sneakers, slides, training shoes, etc., are all as vital to a man’s shoe rack as formal shoes and home slippers. Generation Hustle like to be Forever Better, Stylish, and Fast. And most brands are designing their clothing and footwear lines to accommodate this. So pair your jeans and jacket with men’s low-profile training sneakers, joggers with a slim-fit t-shirt and a hoodie with high-top sneakers, or shorts and a polo t-shirt with men’s slides for a relaxing day out.

7. Accessorise Right

Every star needs backup dancers. Similarly, your shoes can use some help from the right accessories to enhance your already amazing style. The right men’s accessories, like the right cap/hat, watch, socks, bags, wristbands, and water bottles, can help you up your style game. Pair your vibrant shoes with a vibrant matching accessory like your red men’s shoes with a red bag, red wristbands, or a water bottle, and enhance your monochromatic style tenfold. You could also neutralise your bright yellow or blue t-shirt with grey shoes and a grey men’s hat or cap, depending on the weather, and shine bright in these neutral colours.

Prioritizing comfort over style is one of the best decisions we’ve made, and designing stylish footwear with comfort-inducing innovative tech is one of the best moves by athleisure brands. So follow these simple tips mentioned above and let your shoes shine in the brightest light while you move around with superior comfort and confidence.

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7 Men’s Shoe Rules To Live By: Useful Shoes Styling Tips That Will Keep You Looking Good

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