Aaron Judge and the 40 Yard Dash

Aaron Judge, the top pick in 2013’s draft, will be a key player for the MLB. With his size and strength, he’s a formidable hitter, and his ability to hit home runs is something that has many people talking. During his time at Fresno State, Judge was a three-year starter who earned All-WAC honors and Freshman of the Year honors. Judge also played in the Cape Cod League last summer, where he hit five home runs.

His power has made him a superstar, but he wasn’t always so swagger. In fact, a scouting report published by the MLSB in 2009 revealed that Judge had an emotional maturity rating of 4 on a scale of two to eight. His scouting report indicates that he had above-average raw power at the time. Judge was only 17 years old at the time he was selected for the Yankees.

At high school, Aaron Judge was a freak athlete. He was even offered football scholarships. His high school teammates compared him to NBA star Blake Griffin. His power and athleticism were unmatched. The Yankees selected him for their supplemental draft and he signed an eight-year contract with a $1.8million bonus. Judge’s future is uncertain, but Judge’s 40-yard dash shows his potential to be a star.

Judge was named the starting right fielder for the 2021 MLB All-Star Game in May 2010. He will join Mariano Rivera and Dellin Betances as teammates. Sabathia will be joining the 2020 All-Star team. As of the current season, Aaron Judge has hit 58 home runs and 15 doubles, which is the second-highest number of multi-home runs for a rookie. He’s also the second-fastest Yankee to reach 500 hits and 100 home runs. Only Joe DiMaggio took three years and 316 games to reach the feat.

Aaron Judge and the 40 Yard Dash
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