Adam Greener

Visual Artist Adam Greener

Visual artist Adam Greener creates vivid, bright illustrations that look as though they come straight out of a child’s notebook. His vibrant prints flit between youthful fantasy and retrospect – an eye-opening glimpse into childhood that resonates with everyone.

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Early Life and Education

Visual Artist Adam Greener hails from Holliston, Massachusetts and earned his Bachelor’s of Television and Film Production from Hofstra University.

His work features vibrant cartoon-like illustrations reminiscent of children’s schoolbooks, complete with colorful embellishments and interweaved cultural iconography that make these animated Pop Art drawings come to life and provide hidden meaning.

He captures an array of social and emotional experiences, from an impatient teacher’s sarcasm to playground cruelty, or Star Wars characters interrupting a love note exchanged between lovers. His childhood imagery serves as a humorous, tongue in cheek depiction of life experiences everyone can relate to.

Greener explores concepts of growth through ink illustrations in his exhibition See Me After Class: A Spiral Bound Journey, opening September 14 and running until October 12 at Art Unified 1349 Abbott Kinney Blvd in Venice Beach. The public exhibition can be viewed until then.

Professional Career

Adam Greener is an artist known for creating whimsical yet thought-provoking works of art using ink, paper and acrylic paints. Additionally, Adam is an avid cyclist and an environmentalist who composts waste at his home.

His large-scale loose leaf canvases explore how young minds navigate a vast sea of social and cultural images that attempt to shape, stimulate and confine them simultaneously. He also shows how creativity can go a long way.

Adam holds a PhD in Urban Design and Planning from University College London, an MA from GSAPP and a BA from Brown University. Additionally, he serves as executive director of New Yorkers for Parks where he has played an essential role in changing public space in New York.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Greener has become a beloved director and producer. His works include Hatchet film franchise, Frozen and Holliston TV series as well as multiple anthology horror films like Chillerama and Grace.

Greener draws upon his memories of childhood visual preoccupations to craft large-scale loose leaf canvases in his most recent works. Utilizing handmade graphic “spiral bound notebook” sheets, Greener taps into childhood recollections with a humorous, non-grown up approach; from teachers who make comments that seem insulting or harsh to playground cruelty or Star Wars characters interfering in passing notes–everything appears larger-than-life through Greener’s lens. His pieces have sold all over the world including Scope Miami, LA Art Show and Art Market Hamptons shows.

Personal Life

Adam Greener spent much of his childhood doodling in spiral-bound notebooks for 56-minute class periods, drawing comic-book characters, band logos, trees and bicycles in these sessions. Additionally, he often left notes for friends which often led to detention.

Adam Greener has taken Adam’s childhood doodles and presented them in an adult context through art galleries. His works are innocent, nostalgic and clever reimaginationss which everyone can relate to; his pieces regularly draw crowds to art shows where they sell numerous pieces every show; such events include Scope Miami, LA Art Show Basel Switzerland as well as Kimball Art Center Park City and Saatchi Gallery London where his pieces have also been shown.

Net Worth

Adam Greener is a 20-year-old British YouTube content creator estimated to be worth an estimated net worth of approximately $2 Million. He earns income through brand endorsements and merchandise sales on various online platforms; these sources of income also support his self-titled YouTube channel with 8.2 million subscribers and his Instagram account that features daily life updates as well as funny prank videos shared with followers.

He is an active philanthropist, giving generously to causes like the Boston Pops (which he sponsors) and Brownfields Recovery Corporation, which cleans contaminated industrial sites. Additionally, his fortune has been invested in luxury residential developments, shopping centers, and under construction luxury hotel and residence complex Mandarin Oriental Boston at $278 Million as well as providing $6 Million donation for stem cell research at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston.

Adam Greener

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