Adam Ghuloum

Adam Ghuloum

Adam Ghuloum, based out of Aliso Viejo in California, is a visual artist known for their international exhibitions and inclusion in numerous collections. Learn more about them including their career path, personal life and net worth.

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Early Life and Education

Adam Ghuloum (previously known as Ra’s al Ghul) was born in Kahndaq, North Africa to Chinese nomads and quickly developed an interest in science at an early age, leaving his tribe and moving into the city where he studied medicine and eventually practiced as a physician. Later he married Sora, with whom he had Jason Todd; they later divorced but remain friends; Adam later appeared in numerous comic books, adaptations into various media platforms and was even part of The Immortals group comprising some of the oldest beings within multiverse; while in Young Justice he plays an influential role within Project Cadmus which was voiced by Oded Fehr.

In the Arrow tie-in comic, Nyssa al Ghul and Sara Lance rescue him from Kahndaq’s Amon-Shu caves before meeting with Mesi Natifah to give her his sword, hoping she can give him justice for what had happened in Kahndaq. Once there, he trusts her with it entrusting it back in hopes she’ll deliver on his request for revenge.

Personal Life

Adam Ghuloum is a visual artist currently living and working in Aliso Viejo, California. His artwork has been shown at galleries such as Morgan Lehman Gallery in New York and Geoffrey Young Gallery in Massachusetts; awards and grants were given in their honour; Nelson-Atkins Museum, Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art and Orange County Museum of Art are among several of his prestigious collections that hold his work; in addition he’s an active member of Los Angeles Art Association.

Adam Ghuloum

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