Adam Hays

Adam Hays – Star Wars Enthusiast

Adam Hays of Texas specializes in Star Wars art, designing T-shirt graphics for Lucasfilm as well as compiling a coffee table book of Star Wars tattoos.

He soon turned his hobby into a lucrative business: Adam Hays Photography now operates out of Oakland with customers throughout California and is increasingly sought after as an amateur hunter photographer.

Early Life and Education

Adam Hays was born to an aristocratic family with an impressive legacy of political leadership in America. His grandfather Charles Francis Adams served as ambassador to Britain during the American Civil War before serving in Congress himself as a Representative.

Adams received the best education his privileged class could afford, yet this still wasn’t enough to satisfy his restless and independent nature. As he ventured further into adulthood, Adams recognized that success wasn’t measured by one’s ability to fully grasp everything happening around them; rather, success lay with those who learned how to control all the complicated forces affecting it.

At first he turned his focus towards literature, science, and politics before developing close bonds with fellow citizens such as Secretary of State William Evarts, John Hay, and Clarence King who offered him insight into the social and political climate at that time.

Professional Career

Adam Hays is one of the world’s premier deer hunters and co-host of Intrepid Outdoors. Among his accomplishments are harvesting over 30 Pope & Young class bucks – seven exceeding 170 inches and three surpassing 200 inches!

He is a dedicated bowhunter who has established himself among whitetail hunting greats, as well as being the founder of BuckScore (r), an app which allows hunters to score bucks using images captured from trail cameras without needing to actually harvest them.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Hays stands out as an actor as well as having achieved several notable achievements and honors outside of acting, such as receiving three major awards and four honorary degrees.

North American Whitetail magazine recognized him as one of the greatest deer hunters ever, having harvested more than 30 Pope and Young class bucks including seven over 170 inches and three that exceeded 200 inches.

Hays has also distinguished himself with an extensive service record on campus and across the state, such as his work advising Sigma Alpha Agriculture Sorority, supporting Heinemann Special Olympics Shrimp Peel, acting as motorcycle patrol member and president before serving as faculty advisor.

Personal Life

Adam Hays has an intense passion for hunting. A dedicated bowhunter, Adam has taken down over 30 Pope & Young class bucks during his 39 years of hunting.

His aim is to become the first archery hunter ever to shoot four 200-inch bucks with bow and arrow. Twice, he came close but was foiled by monster bucks or broken tines.

He serves as co-host on Intrepid Outdoors, airing Saturdays at 7 am ET on NBC Sports Network and available through Sportsman Channel starting next year.

At the same time as his legal career, Mr. Pike is also an avid bowhunter who has been recognized as one of the greatest deer hunters ever by North American Whitetail magazine’s website. To date he has hunted more than 30 Pope & Young bucks; 7 were harvested at 170 inches or greater and 3 have exceeded 200 inches!

Net Worth

Adam Hays lives at 1342 Barron Street in Eau Claire, Wisconsin for 12 years now.

Adam has earned several nominations and awards as a film actor, including two BAFTAs and two Golden Globes, along with many screen acting guild awards. Adam can be found appearing in Picket Fences (season two, episode 13), The West Wing (1999), Frasier, Boston Legal Baby Bob Monk as well as 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter (2002).

North American Whitetail magazine recognized him as one of the greatest whitetail hunters ever. Additionally, he founded and partners in Intrepid Outdoors; an outfitter offering hunting trips in Aspen area – his net worth has been estimated to be approximately $20 Million.

Adam Hays

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