Adam Kaliner

Adam Kaliner

Adam Kaliner is one of the cofounders of Power Home Remodeling, which began as a part-time college job with his cousin and has grown into one of America’s four largest full service exterior remodeling companies, providing collaboration, respect, and support among its 900 employees.

“People first” has always been their motto and this has allowed them to become one of the premier workplaces.

Early Life and Education

Adam Kaliner was born December, 1970 and currently resides at 1343 Waverly Rd Gladwyne PA 19035 since January 2013. An alumnus of University of Maryland, Adam serves as co-founder and CEO of Power Home Remodeling along with his cousin Jeff who began operating out of their apartment back in 1992. Their goal was to establish a company which could compete successfully within the construction and home remodeling industries while offering excellent customer service; their hard work paid off; it continues to thrive today!

Professional Career

After graduating college, Kaliner co-founded Power Home Remodeling Group with his first cousin and with an aim of building an organization dedicated to ethics and integrity, Power quickly rose to become an industry leader. Today, Kaliner serves as CEO for all matters regarding operations, accounting, technology and vendor relations at Power.

Kaliner is also an active philanthropist. He has donated to several local charities and organizations, and was recognized with Philadelphia Business Journal’s CFO of the Year award. Additionally, he sits on the board of The Institute for Economic Development which works toward revitalizing Chester through physical and social means. Kaliner currently resides in Gladwyne Pennsylvania with his wife and three children.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Kaliner was honored with CFO of the Year honors from both Philadelphia Business Journal and Drexel University LeBow College of Business in 2011. Additionally, SmartCEO Magazine named him a finalist in 2010. Furthermore, Adam serves on The Institute for Economic Development board that works towards physical and economic revitalization of Chester, Pennsylvania, while being one of its co-founders for Power Home Remodeling Group; currently considered fourth largest home remodeling firm nationwide.

Personal Life

Adam Kaliner is one of the cofounders of Power Home Remodeling and has overseen its growth from a window and siding operation into one of the nation’s premier exterior remodeling firms. Additionally, Adam was instrumental in creating an environment which puts people first at Power – making us stand out as an industry leader while making working at this great place enjoyable and fulfilling!

He currently resides with his wife Lauren in Gladwyne, Pennsylvania with their three children Pierce, Aiden and Ashton. Since January 2013 they have resided at their current address: 1343 Waverly Rd Gladwyne PA 19035. Previously they lived at 5000 Hilltop Dr, Brookhaven PA 19015. Prior to that they had lived at 104 S Frontenac Avenue Margate City New Jersey 08402 before finally finding themselves here at 1343 Waverly Road Gladwyne Pennsylvania 1903.

Net Worth

Since cofounding Power Home Remodeling Group in 1992, cofounder adam kaliner has ensured the company culture and values always place people first – from customers and employees alike, through communities. This philosophy serves as the true North of Power Home Remodeling Group and influences every decision it makes. Kaliner currently oversees commercial real estate development efforts while overseeing financial and customer service arms of Power. He and his family reside in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. He and his wife are active philanthropists, helping fund organizations like The National Gaucher Foundation, The Mission Continues and Habitat for Humanity. Additionally, they spearhead Power’s corporate sponsorship of Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF), an organization that raises funds to fight pediatric cancer. He is also widely respected within his field as both an industry expert and speaker.

Adam Kaliner
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