Adam Morfeld

Adam Morfeld, Nebraska State Senator for Northeast Lincoln

Adam Morfeld is a fifth generation Nebraskan who served as State Senator from 2014-2018. Currently he serves as executive director and founder of a non-profit civic engagement, civic health, and voting rights organization.

He is committed to affordable healthcare, K-12 education, living wage jobs and protecting civil rights. In 2018, he spearheaded an effort to expand Medicaid on the ballot.

Early Life and Education

Adam Morefield was born at Long Beach Naval Station in California on July 22, 1985. After graduating Lincoln High School in 2003, he worked as both a stock clerk and part-time news correspondent while attending community college, before going on to complete both college and law school at University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Morfeld founded and serves as Executive Director of Nebraska Civic Leadership Institute, an educational non-profit with 40+ full and part time staff members, after graduating law school. Their mission is to foster civic leadership skills among Nebraska youth while strengthening communities and making democracy accessible for all Nebraskans. Morfeld also teaches American Government and Public Administration courses as an adjunct faculty member at Doane University’s Lincoln campus. In his free time he enjoys volunteering, Husker football games, running marathons and back country camping with family.

Professional Career

Adam Morefield has held various roles within the cybersecurity industry throughout his professional career. Currently serving as Vice President at Capgemini where he leads their North American cybersecurity practice. An accomplished executive with vast sales and delivery expertise, his leadership skills have seen him successfully secure critical datacenters and infrastructure assets throughout North America.

Morefield enjoys spending his free time with his wife Rachel and family, volunteering his services as a senator in Nebraska legislature and being active within community activities. One of his proudest achievements has been working on legislation protecting student journalists.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Morfeld was an active part of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln community during his undergraduate days, serving as both a Residence Assistant and running for student body president/regent in 2008.

He earned his BA in political science with honors in 2009 and received the College of Arts and Sciences Honors Alumni of the Year award.

After graduating, he pursued his Juris Doctor from the University of Nebraska College of Law. Today, he works at Nebraskans for Civil Reform where he provides public policy research, voting rights litigation support and civic education initiatives.

He currently resides in Lincoln, Nebraska with his wife Rachel and their dog Lily. In his free time he enjoys Husker football, camping and traveling.

Personal Life

Adam Morefield is the Nebraska State Senator for Northeast Lincoln with an array of passions and beliefs, such as an appreciation of education’s critical importance and leadership’s powerful potential in our society.

He finds great pleasure in volunteering, Husker football, spending time with family, long distance running, back country camping and traveling as his hobbies.

Morfeld, born to a Marine Corps family and having spent his entire life helping Nebraskans realize their full potential, was raised knowing the value of hard work and achieving the American dream. He has spent his life helping others realize their full potential.

He earned both his college and law degrees before becoming executive director of a non-profit that employs over 40 full and part time staff, with their mission being to instill civic leadership skills into young Nebraskans as well as strengthen communities across Nebraska.

Net Worth

Adam Morefield has been employed at NextGen Healthcare Inc (NXGN) since 2011, holding various positions within healthcare. Additionally, he has held board membership positions at several companies; most notably serving as Chairman of Spirit Realty Capital’s board (a publicly traded REIT which invests in international real estate) in 2013. Morefield currently lives in Lincoln Nebraska with Rachel Morfeld-Ayalon and their dog Lily.

Morefield is estimated to have amassed an estimated net worth of $7.07 Million as of 8 May 2020, as indicated in his SEC Form 4 filings. He owns 13,916 shares of CyrusOne Inc stock worth $3,713,344. Furthermore, Morefield has sold over $1 Million worth of CONE stock over the last nine years.

Adam Morfeld

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