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Adam’s Cyclery in Northport Is Home to Israel’s Ambassador-at-Large

Sylvan Adams is widely recognized as Israel’s “self-appointed ambassador-at-large.” To showcase Israel’s finest qualities, he uses cycling as an effective form of promotion. In 2018, he sponsored three stages of the Giro d’Italia Grand Tour bicycle race as well as financing an indoor velodrome in Tel Aviv.

He was instrumental in getting Madonna to perform at Eurovision 2019 and liberating a group of Afghan cyclists from Taliban captivity.

Early Life and Education

Adams was an artist rooted in American society from birth. Born during Theodore Roosevelt’s presidency and inspired by its manifest destiny ideals, Adams created work that became iconic of American culture and identity.

He attended Harvard and excelled as a student, though he did not complete his degree. Furthermore, his pursuit of piano as a career provided structure and discipline in his life.

As his life changed rapidly in terms of social, technological and intellectual developments, traditional education no longer provided enough guidance for him to adapt effectively. Therefore, his quest for self-education through experience, friendships and reading commenced.

Professional Career

John Adams ’77 recently returned from living at Mary Hall and Benet for 3 1/2 years to pursue a professional career that has since blossomed both in scope and significance. Now one of Chicago’s renowned Black leaders and executives, his resume boasts positions with certified public accounting organizations and high schools, leadership roles with Chicago Mayor Harold Washington’s government as well as 16 years as Chief Financial Officer for Reverend Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Push Coalition.

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Achievement and Honors

Adams achieved many accomplishments throughout his career, such as receiving both the Pulitzer Prize for music and Cleveland Arts Prize Lifetime Achievement Award. Additionally, he won both Grammy awards as well as several honorary doctorates awards.

He was an unwavering advocate for wilderness and the environment, writing letters to newspaper editors and Sierra Club colleagues on a regular basis. Many consider him the father of modern photography; his black-and-white images became icons of wild America.

He has helped bring international soccer to the United States and owns a professional cycling team in Israel, where he believes sports can build bridges across diplomatic barriers. In an effort to foster open-mindedness in spite of hostility from fans, his teams’ buses and jerseys feature “Israel”.

Personal Life

Adams is a major philanthropist who supports Israel-related projects, such as funding a velodrome near Tel Aviv’s Yarkon Park and athletic-training centers at both Tel Aviv University and Beersheva’s Ben-Gurion University. Additionally, he contributed funds for emergency departments at both Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv and Holon’s Wolfson Medical Center as well as providing emergency room funding at Ichilov Hospital.

Israel’s name can be seen on team buses and jerseys at the Tour de France, and open-minded fans seem to appreciate his gesture. Additionally, as mayor he hopes to expand Gotham City’s bike lane network and Citi Bike footprint.

Adam and Ronan become fast friends, with Adam soon developing romantic feelings towards Ronan. While the two may argue like a married couple would, Ronan always puts Adam’s well-being above his own, making sure Adam knows he loves him deeply.

Net Worth

Adam’s Cyclery in Northport is one of Northport’s premier businesses and most well-loved institutions, serving all your cycling needs from rentals, repairs, sales and repairs. Opened and run by family since 1988, Adam’s offers all you need – from rentals, repairs and sales.

Sylvan Adams is an oligarch who built his fortune following in his father Marcel Adams’ footsteps – an escapee of Nazi-occupied Quebec real estate mogul Marcel Adams during World War II and Holocaust forced labor camp escapee. Furthermore, Sylvan is also well known as an active philanthropist supporting various causes including Israel Cycling Academy team.

He funded the inaugural Grand Tour cycling race outside Europe: 2018’s Giro d’Italia race held in Tel Aviv was funded with his funds. As an active member of the Giving Pledge founded by Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett, he resides with his wife Margaret in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Adam’s Cyclery
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