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Adam and Eve by Nick Adams

Adam and Eve lived a blissful existence in Eden until they disobeyed God by disguising themselves as serpents to eat the forbidden fruit, leading them to be expelled from Eden to an area east of it.

After shooting her pimp Edwards, Cathy begins working as a prostitute in Salinas and poisoning Faye (owner of brothel) so as to take over their business and inherit its profits. Cathy eventually heads towards Trask Farm.

Early Life and Education

Adam is a shy child who quickly learns that war preparation must begin early. While obedient and respecting authority, Adam does not wish to join the military but remains close to both his father and brother Charles while developing an interest for traveling.

Adams experiences first-hand how political inertia drives change in American society during his visit to Washington. He encounters secessionists as well as the struggle between Congress and Virginia secessionists for full union membership; meeting John Hay and Charles Francis during this visit.

Adams’s trip to the South Pacific prompts him to reevaluate civilization. Samoans and Tahitians reminded him of an ancient culture which did not exist in America at that time; these thoughts ultimately resulted in him writing this work.

Professional Career

Adams is an experienced Broadway performer, having originated the roles of Adam/Felicia for both the national tour and first Broadway company of “Priscilla Queen of the Desert”. Additionally, he appeared as Whizzer in North American tour of Tony-winning musical Falsettos and as original Broadway cast member for “Wicked.”

He is also an accomplished artist. His photographs capture the beauty of nondescript areas and convey an air of mystery and peace. His work has inspired numerous artists and solidified him as one of America’s premier photographers.

Eden Espinosa is an accomplished actress known for originating the role of Elphaba in all three productions of “Wicked.” Additionally, Eden has appeared as Mary in “Merrily We Roll Along”, Daniela in Rain and Emma Borden in Lizzie. Additionally she performed as Mary in “Brooklyn the Musical”. Eden founded Summer Search – an non-profit organization which develops confidence, character and leadership skills among low-income high school students – and currently serves as its director.

Achievement and Honors

Nick Adams has appeared on Broadway in six shows and also made several television and film appearances, garnering several television show and movie roles as well as winning many awards throughout his career.

East of Eden opens by following the Hamilton family. While Samuel mourns Una’s passing away, all his other children flourish. After Liza passes on, Samuel marries again.

The second part of the novel focuses on the Trask family. Cyrus Trask, a Civil War veteran who becomes a powerful figure in Washington D.C. after returning home, had two sons Adam and Charles who tried to take over their father’s business, only to fail miserably due to an inability to control Caleb; ultimately trying to leave, but instead his wife, Cathy betrayed him and killed herself before leaving him behind.

Personal Life

Adams knows how to engage an audience, and was able to keep Eden audience members enthralled for two hours with his talent as well as that of his band, offering hits, dance competitions in the audience, sing-alongs, phone light displays, and dance competitions in between performances.

He writes insightful articles on military issues and is in demand as a speaker across America. Furthermore, as an active political activist he frequently visits Washington D.C to meet with high level military officials.

Adam does not feel hatred toward Cathy when she leaves him to become a prostitute in Salinas and visits her brothel where she is known as Kate. After suffering a stroke, Adam blessed Cal with the word timshel which indicated his willingness to forgive.

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adams eden
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