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Adams Family Care Offers Infant Care

Adams Family Care offers infant care. If a location has availability for your infant, simply click “book a tour!”!

Property owners looking to convert office space into child care centers would need to overcome various regulatory hurdles as well as recruiting qualified staff members for this transition, which could take up to one year.

Early Life and Education

Childcare in New York, with one of the highest costs of living, is an essential service. The mayor recently proposed a plan that would make access easier while increasing quality programs.

The city aims to ease barriers for families by streamlining a lengthy process for turning office space into day care centers. Landlords must secure approval from multiple city agencies – including the Department of Buildings and potentially Landmarks Preservation Commission in cases where landmarked properties exist.

Other initiatives by the city of New York to boost early childhood teaching include improving training. Partnering with CUNY’s Professional Development Institute to assist workers looking to enhance their credentials. Furthermore, plans exist to reduce backlogs among families applying for childcare subsidies, as well as creating an open directory of providers.

Professional Career

While male workers in other female-dominated professions experience what sociologist Christine Williams refers to as the glass escalator – rapid promotions to administrative positions based on their sex – child care workers do not experience such rapid promotion due to gender. Directors frequently change diapers, wipe noses and put young children to bed.

Adams plans to address persistent challenges such as low wages and difficulty recruiting staff in child care through collaboration with CUNY to train more educators, providing full scholarships to people already working in child care to obtain their credentials, and speeding up a delayed background check process that has delayed sites receiving city funding into licensed day care centers.

Families in need can apply online for assistance with the cost of care through a new website, part of a larger plan to improve access to online services, provide better tax credits and offer free and affordable early childhood education programs.

Personal Life

Lupe Hernandez’s eldest son has been attending one of New York City’s free early childhood education programs since he was 15 months old, where he has been diagnosed with autism and receiving physical and occupational therapy services as part of this program.

She warns that Adams’ proposals to streamline child care applications and outreach to low-income families could exacerbate their situation, while also raising concerns over an incentive tax credit that may encourage landlords to convert properties into day care centers – leading to labor issues similar to established child care institutions.

Mayor Adams ran on an “Internet Plan,” or People’s Plan, that included improving tax credits for poor New Yorkers and providing free or low-cost childcare to children under 3. After taking office, all three policies have been pursued even though other services such as universal preschool and libraries have been reduced or cut back significantly.

Net Worth

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The city’s Day Care Abatement Program offers incentives to landlords who build new child-care facilities in areas considered “child care deserts.” While its still unclear how many landlords take advantage of these incentives or how many employees will need to staff them, property owners like Rudin Management Company, Silverstein Properties, and Tishman Speyer declined comment about whether or not they plan to utilize this program.

The mayor’s goal is to improve outreach for families making less than 300 percent of the poverty line and eligible for childcare vouchers administered by OCFS; however, some advocates argue that such changes could exacerbate inequalities in access to care.

adams daycare
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