Adams’ Guitars

A Look at Ryan Adams’ Guitars

Adams has long preferred vintage guitars with more distinct sounds as album cover imagery for So Happy It Hurts, making its appearance no mere accident.

The Epiphone Adam Jones Signature 1979 Les Paul features an eye-catching Silverburst finish and guitar-approved appointments. Additionally, this model comes equipped with a Nashville Tune-o-Matic bridge and Grover tuners for rock-solid tuning stability.

Early Life and Education

Ryan Adams has been playing guitar for more than half of his life and studying music production at college. With a passion for sharing musical arts with audiences worldwide, he has amassed an immense following through both performances and YouTube tutorials.

As a child he was exposed to rock and bluegrass music from both sources as well as being taught guitar by his father, Bob Adams. Additionally he skateboarded while developing relationships with local BMX kids.

He then attended the Guitar Craft Academy in Hollywood to learn guitar making. Additionally, he worked at Fender Custom Shop dressing frets while serving as an apprentice under Senior Master Builder John English for five years. Since then he has created guitars for numerous artists as well as hosting various concerts across the globe.

Professional Career

Adam Adams is well known as both an accomplished guitarist and record producer, as well as being the founder of 5th Fret Productions which provides online guitar instruction videos. To date he has released eight hit albums, frequently working alongside various musicians.

Kaman Guitars specialize in crafting high-end, thin-sounding acoustic guitars. Their Lyrachord body, inspired by Kaman engineers’ expertise with aerospace materials, allows for fuller ranges of sounds including radiant trebles and powerful basses.

Adam prefers Gibson Les Paul and Strat-style models of guitars for performance use, though he occasionally brings out a Gretsch Country Western model on stage as well. Additionally, Adam has posted pictures on Instagram featuring him using a Black Fountain delay pedal on his pedal board.

Achievement and Honors

Adams has achieved incredible success throughout his career, selling over 100 million records globally and winning multiple music awards. Additionally, he remains active as an educator and musician by leading guitar camps and workshops as well as being named artist-in-residence at The McConnell Arts Center in Worthington Ohio.

He has become a regular presence at the Grammy Awards. Additionally, he serves as a member of the Recording Academy and honorary lifetime ambassador of the National Endowment for the Arts.

He has collaborated with various artists such as singer-songwriters Tinariwen and Lo’Jo, Gambian virtuoso Juldeh Camara for her award winning album Across the Great Divide; additionally he holds several honorary doctorates from various universities as well as having an impressive art collection.

Personal Life

Adams’ guitar skills have been key in his success as an artist, selling over 100 million albums worldwide and collaborating with artists like The Wailin’ Jennys, Toni Childers and Pierre Schryer among many others.

Mr. Waddell is also an accomplished woodworker and has been building guitars for more than thirty years, using only top quality wood to ensure his instruments sound great and last a lifetime.

He has used numerous different acoustic guitars in his concerts, such as a walnut Gibson ES-355 known as “Peanut.” This instrument can be seen featured on the cover of So Happy It Hurts as well as used for performances at 2010 Olympics and has a Boss CH-1 Super Chorus pedal onboard as well.

Net Worth

Recently, a pallet of Gibson guitars being delivered to Sweetwater music store were stolen from a Flying J Travel Center in Whiteland, Indiana. Signed by Tool guitarist Adam Jones and limited to just 79 instruments each one was limited in its production run.

Adams is known for her distinctive blend of ironic rococo surrealism with social-satirical themes in her paintings, which have been shown at museums around the world. She has created over 60 works exhibited at museums.

Angus Young is co-founder and lead guitarist of legendary rock band AC/DC. He’s amassed an immense fortune through royalties and touring; his signature “Angus Young model guitar” is highly esteemed among musicians; additionally, there are other models in his line of guitars which currently rank 24th on sales charts worldwide. Additionally, through his foundation Angus gives back to various charities around the world.

Adams’ Guitars
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